On Sun, 15 Jun 2003, The Magian wrote:
> I was wondering if any one knew of a good system for creating spells.
> I am interested in both AD&D and 3rd Ed. or any other that may provide
> for good guidlines of balance for a campaign. Any level of detail would
> be acceptable whether it be short and sweet or tediously extensive and
> dynamic.

Look for Heroes of High Favor: Elves, by BadAxe Games. It has good
guidelines for creating spells in an appendix, using a bunch of different
spells from the PHB as benchmarks and seeds to help you determine the
level of the spell you`re making.

Actually, pretty much everything by badaxe is good, I have their
Half-Orcs, Dwarves, and Elves books, and they`re all great. Elves has a
ley-line system for spellcasters that is pretty cool, and adaptable to BR.
Dwarves has rune magic for weapons and armor. Half-Orcs has rules on
crafting orc-type primitive weapons. They all have good new feats and
prestige classes that use the race`s favored class.
Daniel McSorley

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