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    (a panther-like humanoid race)

    +2 Dex, -2 Int, -2 Cha
    +1 Natural armour (fur)
    Low light vision
    Medium Size
    Speed: 30ft

    Proficient with unarmed combat and spear
    Claw attack (1d4/1d4) if unarmed
    +2 Spot, Listen, Wilderness Lore (jungle lore?)

    Favoured Class: Ranger (male), Cleric (female)
    Seems ok to me. Note that there's a difference between unarmed combat and natural weapons - creatures with natural weapons are considered armed for the purpose of attacks of opportunity, for instance - a creature with natural weapons is never unarmed, and I think they're always proficient with their natural weapons. Wilderness Lore stays the same regardless of terrain, though you can easily give a circumstantial bonus - i.e. "+2 to wilderness lore checks in warm forest terrain."

    (a small reptilian race)

    +2 Dex, -2 Con, -2 Str
    Small Size
    Speed: 40ft (what does this effect?)
    +8 skill points at 1st level, +2 skill points/additional level

    Favoured Class: Rogue
    Speed has a pretty substantial effect on combat, and grants some interesting extra options. Not a bad bonus by itself. I think the skill point bonus is pretty big, though, but probably not too much out of whack.

    (a race of snakemen)

    +2 Int, +2 Cha
    Dragon Blood (can cast true magic)
    Constrict small and smaller creatures for 1d4+3 (after successful grapple)
    Medium Size
    Speed: 30ft
    +2 natural armour (scales)

    Favoured Class: Sorcerer
    I get some alarm bells here. +2 natural armor is a very, very good bonus for wizards and sorcerers - this race sounds like a no-brainer for a spellcaster. Compared to a human, it's probably too good.

    Int bonus - a bit better than the human skill bonus.
    Cha bonus - essentially a bit better than a bonus feat for a sorcerer for spellcasting alone.
    +2 natural armor - very good for arcane spellcasters.
    Constrict - icing the cake.

    I'd say this race is a bit over the top, all things considered. I'd either change the way their affinity for magic bonuses work out all around, or I'd boost them a bit and make them ECL 2.

    On a strictly mechanical note, constrict should simply do a d4 or d6 damage, modified by the Ssarak's strength modifier (generally x1.5 for a bonus; i.e a 14 Str yields d4+3 constrict damage).

    I think the racial bonuses you've come up with overall has a bit of a bland feel to it - though that could just be the lack of flavor text. If you could provide a bit more detail on the races, especially the former two, it'd be easier to come up with some alternate ideas for mechanics.
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    The descriptions of the races (and flavour text for abilities) is the next thing I will be working on. I'm in the process of changing them from their original info, so some changes still need to be made.

    I'll write them up and post the complete race descriptions when done, what I posted before was just some very early ideas for racial abilities. The Ssarak especially need some changes, as they remain a very powerful race (and rightly so, as it was their empire that was perhaps the only one to successfully resist Azrai's armies.) I'm not opposed to making them ECL 1 or 2 to balance them. The natural armour bonus could be dropped or reduced to +1, as that was only something I added at the last moment (thinking, well they have scales, that must protect them somewhat). Constrict will have to stay as removing that would mean changing the race too much (they have a snake-like body and head with humanoid torso and head).
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    Well, I checked something on the wemic statistics: does it not strike you as odd, the fact that they get a +4 bonus out of their Monstrous Humanoid Hit Dice in... Will Saves? Why Will and not Fortitude? Do you want the answer? Well, initially, wemics were designed to be monsters or NPCs and not PCs, thus they had to balance their probably low Will saving (or the equivalent saves, like vs. spell, vs. wand and such in 2e).

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