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    Hello everyone, I've been a reader for a while, but this is my first post. I just have some questions that I couldnt find answered anywhere else...

    1. Is there any sort of limit to the number of troops you can muster? I think I recall that 2E had the limit of a province's level per season in units, so I assumed the limit was the same for 3E. But even at this rate, the players in my world are fielding massive armies every month, and these all inevitably get slaughtered almost right away in huge massacres. (In one memorable battle, a paladin player of mine left with a unit of pike and infantry, with almost ten-thousand corpses littering the battlefield behind him.)

    2. I guess I only had the one question after all...ok, some positive feedback on the playtest edition...I (and therefore my group, or they'll suffer my DM wrath) don't mind the fraction GB system. Also, I think scion works best as it is, and not as a stand-alone class. Hmm...what else...ok, the new warcard rules (being somewhat simplified and more in line with D20) are very well done as well (although I didn't notice a section on naval it just missing, or did I finally go blind?).

    Anyway, that's it for now...thanks for reading.
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    > Is there any sort of limit to the number of troops you can muster?

    Officially, no. Logically, yes there should be, but its left to the DM to
    figure out how this works. There are two big tents under which you can get
    good ideas about how to limit the total number of troops you can muster.
    One tent is the game-balance tent. This idea suggests that as long as all
    the realms are roughly playable, from Illien to Ghoere, and everyone is
    having fun, then mission accomplished. The second tent is the demographic
    tent, and they start off by establishing an understanding of how many people
    actually live in a province (most go either by the BR rulebook, or multiply
    that figure by 10), and then how many of those people could be knights,
    elite soldiers, or archers, and so forth. For example, I figure that there
    are roughly a dozen knights for every province level. I figure that a unit
    of knights has 25 knights in it. I assume that knights are neccesary at
    home to administer justice and keep the peace, so you can have half as many
    units of knights in total as you have province levels.

    Kenneth Gauck

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    Naval Warfare is supposed to be handled in roughly the same manner as is land based warfare. This was chosen to simplify the system as much as possible. Start on pg 129 of the playtest document and then check the following pages and I think you'll get most of what you need to start to work it out; pg 117, 118, 123, 124, 126 and 127. I hope that helps.:)
    Duane Eggert

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