>My only concern is that I still like the thought that elves prefer the
>sorcerer and bardic style of spontaneous casting rather than memorizing
>like a wizard or druid. Any ideas on how to convert the druid class to
>cast spontaneously like a sorcerer? Since the druid spells are alot less
>general purpose like arcance spells, perhaps take the Sorcerer spell per
>day and spells known, but allow elven druids to change their spells known
>once a month (at a night of a full moon), similar to how human clerics can
>change memorized spells once a day (as per their diety). That way if the
>elf knows what they are going to be facing in the following month, they
>can change their known spells out, and would have the side effect of
>encouraging players to take their time when approaching an adventure, as
>how elves are described as being.

You could model your druids on the Shujenga from Oriental Adventures. They
are spontaneous divine spellcasters.

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