I`ve noticed that there is considerable interest in reform of the magic
system. Some suggestions have been very modest (there is a non-interference
pact) other less so. Many settings have been very happy to provide entirely
new spellcasting systems with whole new spell lists. Many of these are
elementally based, but not all of them. In a manner of speaking, the whole
wizard - magician situation is an early adjustment of the standard D&D
spellcasting system, but other settings have left this behind and taken new
spellcasting systems way beyond BR.

What should spellcasting look like in Cerilia? Here are some possible

1) Spell power progression slows down after 5th to 7th caster levels.
1A) Spell limits might be more generous with lower level spells.
1B) Other arcane powers might be granted in compensation
1Ba) Additional Spell Focus and Spell Penetration feats
1Bb) Ability to develope and manipulate ley lines
1Bc) Abilities to perform new abilities (travel in Shadow World?)
2) Casting times may begin to increase for higher level spells
3) Required skill checks may necessitate taking levels of Expert
4) Additional requirements are neccesary to move beyond spell level 6 (being
blooded being required to get beyond 2nd level.
5) More specialization

What should be going on with Cerilian spellcasters?

Kenneth Gauck

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