The ancient bloodlines still run true in the heirs of Deismaar today. Among
those scions who have inhereted Vorynn`s legacy, many ancient powers lie
dormant, a birthright waiting to be discovered. Many scions manifest their
first few blood abilities early in life and never truly unlock their
potential, choosing instead to focus on more worldly pursuits. Some,
however, especially those of the major bloodlines of old who have kept their
family blood pure, become obsessed with discovering and advancing new divine
talents within them.

These people inevitably follow one of two paths. The first path, called
sometimes The Inner Path by scions of Vorynn, involve a life of adventure
and discovery, for the lifepath of a scion is inevitably linked to his
destiny and to the land and to all the people in it. These types of scions
explore the world as it really is, beyond things any commoner could dream
of. Scions of the Outer Path regularly interact with fiends, scions of
different bloodlines, many changing environments, the Shadow World,
monsters, magics, and the invisible networks of interactions in people`s
lives and destinies often referred to as the Regency Web.

The second path, called the Inner Path, or sometimes the Forsaken Path, is a
method of strictly improving your own bloodline and powers through acts
sometimes considered vile, because they forsake the balance between the
Scion and the Land. This is the path of bloodtheft, of using magic to
enhance your bloodline, and of making pacts with creatures of Shadow.

Scion of Vorynn
Prerequisites: The prerequisites required for this class vary by class
level. Being eligible for 1 or 2 levels of this class is not enough to make
you eligible for all levels of the class.
Reputation: +1
Skills: Concentration (6 ranks +1 per 2 levels)
Feat: Bloodmark feat
Bloodline: Tainted = Eligible for 1 level
Minor = Eligible for 3 levels
Major = Eligible for 6 levels
Great = Eligible for 10 levels

BAB Fort Refl Will Def Rep Special Bld Required Strength
1st +0 +1 +1 +0 +0 +2 Talent 1 Tainted
2nd +1 +2 +2 +0 +1 +2 Talent 2 Minor
3rd +1 +2 +2 +1 +1 +2 Feat 3 Minor
4th +2 +2 +2 +1 +1 +3 Talent 4 Major
5th +2 +3 +3 +1 +2 +3 Talent 5 Major
6th +3 +3 +3 +2 +2 +3 Feat 6 Major
7th +3 +4 +4 +2 +2 +4 Talent 7 Great
8th +4 +4 +4 +2 +3 +4 Talent 8 Great
9th +4 +4 +4 +3 +3 +4 Feat 9 Great
10th +5 +5 +5 +3 +3 +5 Talent 10 Great

BAB: Base Attack Bonus
Fort/Refl/Will: Base Save Bonuses
Def: Base Defense Bonus
Rep: Base Reputation Bonus
Bld: Bloodline Points, for use in Gary`s "Bloodline and Blood Abilities"
document. (I`ll make another version later to be used with the BRCS
document, if you`d like.)

Hit Dice: 1d6 per level
Regency Points: 6 + 1/2 character level
Used to get bonuses to any d20 roll. Use a Regency
Point to add +1d6 to a die roll. These never return.
The amount of Regency you can "save up" is dependant on
your Bloodline Strength Score. Unblooded characters
can`t acquire or store Regency Points.

Skills: 5 + int modifier per level
Class Skills: Bluff(cha), Concentration(Con), Decipher Script(int),
Diplomacy(cha), Listen(wis), Profession(wis), Read/Write Language(none),
Speak Language(none), Treat Injury(wis).
Restricted Skills: (See Arcane Skills talent, below) Blood History(int),
Knowledge(arcane lore)(int), Repress Bloodmark(cha), Sense Scion(wis),
Spellcraft(int), Use Magic Device(wis).

Class Feats: Each "feat" entry grants one of the following as a bonus feats.
You must meet any and all prerequisites before taking the feat.
Advanced Bloodmark(bld), Alertness, Animal Affinity(bld), Attentive, Combat
Expertise, Confident, Creative, Deceptive, Defensive Martial Arts, Educated,
Extra Regency Points(bld), Improved Bloodmark(bld), Renown, Shadow Sense
(bld), Trustworthy.

Talents: Each "talent" entry grants a talent from one of the following
Talent Trees. You can take any Talents for which you meet the
prerequisites, but unless stated otherwise, you can not take a Talent more
than once.
Talent Trees available: Arcane Caster, Arcane Skills, Casting Mastery,
Empathic Awareness, Enhanced Spells, Fame, and Insight.

Arcane Caster Talent Tree
Arcane Caster: This talent satisfies the non-racial requirements for the
"True Mage" advanced character class. You may take up to 3 levels as a True
Improved Arcane Caster: This talent satisfies the non-racial requirements
for the "True Mage" advanced character class. You may take up to 6 levels
as a True Mage. [Prerequisite: Arcane Caster]
Advanced Arcane Caster: This talent satisfies the non-racial requirements
for the "True Mage" advanced character class. You make take up to 10 levels
as a True Mage. [Prerequisite: Improved Arcane Caster]

Arcane Skils Talent Tree
(Note that these skills are usually unavailable unless you have taken this
Talent. You can not take these skills cross-class. Even classes such as
True Mage that give you some of these as class skills do not provide the
class skill unless they are first "unlocked" with the Arcane Skill talent.)
Arcane Skill: Choose one of the following skills. The chosen skill is now
considered a class skill whenever you "level up" as a scion of Vorynn or any
class that has it listed as a restricted skill: Blood History,
Knowledge(arcane lore), Repress Bloodmark, Sense Scion, Spellcraft, Use
Magic Device.
Improved Arcane Skill: One of the skills you chose for your Arcane Skill
Talent now has a +4 bonus. [Prerequisite: Arcane Skill]

Casting Mastery Talent Tree
(Note that this Talent Tree is shared with most spellcasters.)
Combat Casting: You recieve a +4 bonus to Concentration checks made to
cast spells on the defensive.
Spell Penetration: Youy recieve a +2 to Caster level checks to beat spell
Spell Focus: Choose a Tradition of magic. Add +2 to the DC of all spells
cast from that Tradition. You may take this talent multiple times. It`s
effects do not stack. Each time this talent is taken, choose a new

Empathic Awareness Talent Tree
Conceal Motive: You may add a bonus equal to your Scion of Vorynn class
level whenever you oppose a Sense Motive check.
React First: You may react first when trying to make a deal or mediate a
settlement. If you make contact and speak to a person prior to combat, you
gain a free attack action if members of either side of the negotiation
(other than you) decides to start hostilities. You may act before any
initiative checks are made, in effect, giving you the benefit of surprise.
[Prerequisite: Conceal Motive]
Divine Fortune: If you spend a Regency Point to add +1d6 to a die roll,
you may roll an additional 1d6 and add the highest of the two to your d20
roll. [Prerequisite: React First]

Enhanced Spells Talent Tree
(All of the PHB metamagic feats and item creation feats can no longer be
taken as feats. The metamagic feats have no requirements, and are listed as
Talents under the Enhanced Spells Talent Tree. Note that Still Spell and
Silent Spell were combined into one Talent.)

Fame Talent Tree
(This Talent Tree is possessed by all Scion advanced classes.)
Unlimited Access: When others would normally make a Diplomacy check or
Bluff check to smooth-talk or trick their way into a private party or
invitation-only event, you may add a bonus equal to your Scion of Vorynn
class level. Whenever you purchase access to a show(DC 20) or for
transportation(DC 25) or for lodging(DC 15), you may make a Diplomacy check
to upgrade the event to a significantly higher quality.
Royalty: Your activities in the public eye generate extra income. You
recieve a Wealth score increase of +4 (or 1,000gp). [Prerequisite: Unlimited
Access, Reputation:6+)
Greater Royalty: Your activities in the public eye increase further,
providing a second Wealth increase of +4 (or 2,000gp). [Prerequisite:
Royalty, Reputation:8+]

Insight Talent Tree
Skill Emphasis: Choose a skill in which you have at least one rank. You
recieve a +3 bonus to any check with that skill.
Aware: You are intuitively aware of your surroundings. You may add your
base Will save bonus to Listen and Spot checks to avoid surprise.
[Prerequisite: Skill Emphasis]
Faith: You may add your wisdom modifier to the d6 roll whenever you spend
a Regency Point to improve the results of an attack roll, skill check,
saving throw, or ability check. [Prerequisite: Skill Emphasis]
Skill Mastery: Choose a number of skills equal to 3 + your Wisdom
modifier. When making checks with those skills, you may take 10 even when
distracted or under duress. [Prerequisite: Skill Emphasis plus either of
Faith or Aware.]


I was working on this today, and thought I`d pass it along to you guys.
It`s not my work; it`s just adapted for use in my campaign. The mechanics
are based on Classically Modern which is a work-in-progress of converting
WotC`s d20Modern. Not caring much for D&D, I`m in the process of
reorganizing the D&D and d20Modern rules for use in Birthright. I recognise
the BRCS team`s hard work and all, and I appreciate the effort, but the fact
that you guys are trying to appeal to the masses and stay true to 3e D&D
(which I see you like very much) means that the BRCS document will never be
appropriate for my campaign which has a different flavor than the D&D rule
mechanics really allow for.

The above post was a 1st draft kept more-or-less intact for people who like
D&D. For the most part, you don`t really get access to any abilities at a
significantly lower level than you would in a d20Modern or D&D game. But in
the final drafts, many of the prerequisites and bonuses will be changed,
`cause I think some of the bonuses Wotc gives high level characters is just
stupid. (Slippery Mind at 10th level and Evasion at 1st?!) (Sorry, no more
9th level spells in my BR campaigns, and for that matter, no more 1st level

The CRs will all be off by quite a bit if you want to use the Monster
Manual, but so long as the characters are balanced against each other, are
written up to better reflect the character concepts, and are balanced
against eachother, I don`t care. Most of my enemies are human anyway, and
the monsters I can judge for myself. I don`t plan on dealing with treasure
at all, since I don`t plan to hand out gobs of magic items and d20Modern`s
Wealth score should do fine for most regents and nobles and such.

Does this look useful to anyone? `Cause I don`t want to keep posting them
if they`re not. If any of you want copies of the drafts, want to help write
up stuff, or want to help playtest, email me.

-Lord Rahvin

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