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    I`ve got a campaign set in the Southern Coast of Anuire at the moment. It`s
    a "To Each His Throne" game, with PCs running IHH, RCS/Medoere, El-Hadid,
    Roesone, Aerenwe, Ilien, and HMA sources. The PCs are between levels 3 and 6.

    First question: are there any good adventure sites in this area besides the
    Spiderfell? I can`t help but think of this entire region as pretty
    civilized, so I find it hard to believe that there are hordes of goblins or
    tough monsters living anywhere nearby. I know that the books suggest there
    are ruined castles all over the place where you can find treasure and
    adventure, but I find that really hard to believe when you have 200
    soldiers roaming that province on a regular basis.

    Second question: I need some ideas on how to get my players to go on
    adventures. Some of them have expressed a desire to do more adventuring,
    but others feel that their domain actions are much more important. I`m
    considering lessening the load on them in terms of random events and the
    like, but I think it`s important for them to stay on their toes so they
    don`t get bored. Beyond the large diplomatic event (ie Sword and Crown)
    it`s really tough to get them to go somewhere together. Any ideas on how to
    deal with this problem, or do yall have any good adventure ideas I could use?

    My goal, in general, is to have 1 adventure every gaming session (usually
    we play one season). To me that is pretty balanced between adventuring and
    domain-level play.

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    200 soldiers in a province is nothing, considering the size, but even more considering that they follow the roads.
    Normal soldiers are fragile, and won't leave the beaten path unless ordered (and should take damage for doing so, unless scouts)

    A ruined castle takes up a few acres at tops (complete with forbidding woods and putrescent swamp) while a province iirc is about 400 sq.mi. so you can fit a lot in there.
    Then there are castles in use as well, infested with goblins (who hold hostages) or ruled by robber knights (who have to be dealt with silently or the throne would seem questioned).

    They are quite local, so problems dealing with the entire region should make them come together (Diem/Gorgon/Spider/Roele funding brigands/beasties to take care of).
    Another solution is (a lá Ars Magica) to let the players create and use embassadors for contacting each others, and they get to play either their main man or the liutenant in the adventure. (Use domain action or Lt. action).
    This allows 'stay-at-home' kings to do so, and still not be left out of the adventure, while 'adventurer' kings get more xp and become better kings;)

    Do you have any 'players secrets'? They had some suggestions and maps showing presence of ruins and adventure ideas. Else I could try to find mine and post some of them. [edit: I guess you have, considering you're on the atlas team..

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