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    Don't own the Player's Secrets of Roesone. Wondering if that supplement addresses the relationship between Siele Ghoried of the Spider River Traders and the province of Ghoried within Roesone.

    Are Siele's ancestors Count's of Ghoried that loyally supported Diemed but were defeated? If so how do the Spider River Trader's prosper within Roesone today?

    Or is Siele the rightful Count of Ghoried today due to his ancestor's support of the Black Baron?

    Perhaps Siele's ancestors were originally of Ghoried and adopted the province name as their surname?

    Just curious as to whether or not there are 'official' notes on this question. Hopefully none exist. Always much more fun to make up the history yourself.



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    No mention of the fact, your theory about 'coming from' sounds best, very historical.

    What is mentioned is that the holdings in Aerenwe are recent additions (taken three years ago) and that she is honest and a clean dealer.:)

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    > A bloodline does not make one a noble (in the traditional sense of the

    What tradition is this? A person who is decended from a noble is themselves
    a noble in the contintal tradition. The English system, which might support
    your claim, is ill-suited to BR since its based entirely on land tenure. To
    maintain a bloodline (and Siele has one) across generations, blooded people
    have to marry other blooded people, lest their lines all become diluted. On
    the continent (France, Germany, Italy, &c), everyone born of a noble was a
    noble even if they lacked a title and went off in other directions. All of
    the blooded folk are decendents of the warriors who were at Deismaar. Their
    immediate decendents had to keep track of who was also decended from scions
    so that they could avoid dilution of their bloodlines. Eventually (perhaps
    nearly immediatly), decendents of the heros of Deismaar assumed control of
    all of the aspects of human power, the fortress, market, temple, court, and
    mystic places. All of them are nobles, all are marriagable to each other,
    all are regarded as leaders in their own sphere. Since a blooded individual
    can be raised by one kind of leader (say a source wizard) go into the
    protection of territory, and whose own child may one day be a merchant
    prince, there is no reason to limit the definition of nobility to strict
    land tenure. Since even land is only owned in abstract provinces, rather
    than divisable estates, land tenure has no precise meaning in BR.

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