After my epic-level campaign ended last month, and a long-running world
(17+ game years) comes to an end, I am looking for a new campaign to DM.
Here`s what my players and I have agreed on:

starting in a fresh world, the PC`s are elves in Tuarhievel who are
attending a prestigous class on Tuarhievel politics and warfare history,
taught by a renowned anti-human elf. Then the plot in the Tuarhievel PS
happens: the elven regent hands over his bloodline and rlership to his
human consort, Savane, and their unborn half-elf daughter. Most elves
are not happy about this, and the teacher guides the PC`s in a
revolution to dispose Savane and take the Thorn Throne back for the
elves (and into the hands of an anti-human elf such as Rhuobhe or
Rhuandice Tuarlachiem, if possible).

It will need to fill up about 12 8-hour sessions (one a week, so 3
months). It will mostly involve trying to persuade a large majority of
the members of the Council of the Moon (each member is the master of one
of the 14 noble houses in Tuarhievel) to force Savane off the throne,
and support someone else in her place. This someone else will
(hopefully) be very anti-human, to reflect the views of the PC`s and
teacher guiding them. Possibly even one of the PC`s, but most likely
will be a powerful NPC such as Rhuandice, Rhuobhe, or Llytha Damaan.

The tactics I can think of to persuade these members:
* do favors to buy their allegience and their support in this
endevour. * support a rival to the current master in the house in
order to get a more favorable master of the noble house in place. *
discredit and alienate the opposing side in order to make members not
want to support them.

I am looking for some combat, maybe 10 fights the entire campaign, but
certainly not focus on them. I`d prefer to have adventures that
culminate in the creative use of skills and discussion.

Any specific plot ideas? Be as general or as specific as you want, I`ll
use what I find interesting, and alter what needs to be altered to fit
into the campaign.

Also ideas for NPC`s, sites of interest, etc that I can base adventures
off of would be useful.

Thanks :)

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