Many months ago I wrote about the intended plot for an epic-level
campaign to to end a long-running BR game that started in 2e 4 years
ago. It involved three plots:
* The Cold Rider is trying to become a full god by merging the mortal
and shadow worlds into one. He needs this since he is bound to the
shadow world, but it is too chaotic for him to control on a wide
scale. Merging brings the best of both worlds into one. He has an
agent working in Anuire to slowly merge lands. * A trio of elven
lords from Tuar Anwwn want to control the world, and are trying to
find the True Name of the Cold Rider in order to control him. Cold
Rider doesn`t like this, and wants to stop them, or have some
powerful adventurers do it for him. * the "Lost Triumverate" of the
Raven, the Magian, and el-Sheghul trying to ressurect Azrai by
gathering lots of Azrai bloodline and a host body. They view the Cold
Rider as a rival to Azrai, and don`t want him to ascend.

It ended last month, going more or less as planned. The PC`s first went
after the elven lords, then the Cold Rider`s agent in Anuire. Finally
they antagonized the Lost into attacking the party before the Lost had
wanted to. The last fight was long and drawn out, and was really an
anti-climax since it ended without the party being seriously challenged,
but that can be attributed to good planning on the part of the PC`s, so
I don`t mind.

The two main characters (the two that had been played for the past 17
game years) ascended to godhood with the blessings of most of the gods.

* Devlin, merchant-wizard-emperor of Anuire became the new "child" of
Seramie and Rournil after Eloele betrayed them to join the Dark Side
of Belinik, Krieshna, and the newly ascended Cold Rider (the players
stopped the agent in Anuire, but let someone else go who ended up
accomplishing the goal). * Lellewlyn, swashbuckling-sorceress-queen
of the new Elven Coalition, became the second elven god (after Tuar,
who IMC ascended as Diesmaar, but kept a very low profile until the
end of this campaign). She is now goddess of the elven afterlife,
protecting elven souls in the Shadow World.

Tuar has become known as goddess of elven rulership. A third elven
goddess ascended to join the Dark Side: Firosk Sleckra from Vosgaard,
who IMC took over rulership of Tuar Annwn after the PC`s defeated the
elven lord trio there, but left her alone (she was an accomplice to the
trio). She managed to merge enough of the mortal world into the shadow
world around Tuar Annwn to allow the Cold Rider to ascend, simply
because she loves causing destruction (she became the elven goddess of
entropy and destruction).

I know, elven gods don`t settle well with most people, and they normally
don`t for me, but this campaign was just that type of campaign already,
to keep it going into epic-levels. And besides, it`s a great way to end
the campaign. Now the players can have their characters show up in their
own home-grown campaign settings as demigods and I can move on to new BR
campaigns in fresh worlds.

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