Random Events

Domains may experience random events from time to time, as determined by the
Random Events table every Domain Turn. There are four types of Random
Events: Politics(common), Intrigue(common), Military(uncommon), and

I haven`t thought of any random events, but just taking the names off the
random events in the book, they`d be divided as follows:
Politics: Festival, Feud, Diplomatic Matter, Unrest or Rebellion, and
Matter of Justice.
Intrigue: Assassination, Corruption or Crime, Intrigue, Great Captain or
Heresay, and Trade Matter.
Military: Blood Challenge, Monsters or Brigands, Natural Events
Magical: Magical Event

When a random event comes up, someone`s got to deal with it or its effects
take hold. Members of the Inner Circle can be assigned to the Random Event
resulting in a special type of Event Conflict. Both the Event and the
Character(s) assigned to the Event have ability score ratings in the
appropriate ability; i.e., Politics events have a Diplomacy rating. Both
the Event and the Character(s) make Ability Checks until one makes a number
of successes equal to the ability rating of the other.
For example, if a character with 3 Diplomacy is assigned to a Diplomacy
Event with 2 Diplomacy, then both the event and characters must make
Diplomacy checks until either the Event achieves three successes or the
character achieves two. If your character(s) succeed, then your Domain
gains the Reward of that Event. Otherwise, the defeated character is
Suppressed, and you roll on the Spoils of War table to determine whether the
character is killed or survives. If at least one success was achieved by
the character, the Event`s effects do not get resolved.


Domain Actions

Similiarly, I don`t know yet what the domain actions are going to look like
or how many I will have, so I took the domain actions from a book to start
with. Here`s the breakdown:

Politics: Agitation, Diplomacy/Negotiation, Recruit Lieutenant, Research,
Rule Province.
Intrigue: Contention, Create Holding, Espianage, Rule Holding, Trade.
Leadership: Declare War, Inspire Morale, Fortify, Troops.

In addition to all these actions, your Domain has additional actions if it
has a high enough Magic rating (derived from the Spellcraft and Religion
abilities of all members of the Inner Circle). For every two points of
Magic, you may choose from one of the following Magic Actions: Alchemy,
Blessing, Cast Realm Spell, Ley Lines, Scry, Summoning, and Warding.

To perform an action, you must assign a member of your Inner Circle to that
action. You then assign a certain amount of Influence to that action.
(Each turn you gain a certain amount of Influence based on the size of your
Domain. Influence can not be saved from turn to turn.) To determine if the
action is successful, roll an Ability Check using the ability of your Domain
(which is derived from the abilities of all members of the Inner Circle) of
the ability type corresponding to that action. If the action succeeds, the
results of the action are dependant on the amount of Influence you`ve spent
on that action. (This is called the Scope of the action.)


Domain Abilities

Everytime a member of the Inner Circle is recruited who has an ability
higher than the ability of the Domain, the Domain`s ability is increased by
+1. Everytime a member of the Inner Circle who has an ability higher than
the ability of the Domain leaves the Inner Circle, then the ability of the
Domain is decreased by -1. The minimum ability scores of the Domain are
equal to the ability scores of the Regent minus one. This minimum is
increased by one if the Regent has a character in the Inner Circle
designated as an Heir.

-Lord Rahvin

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