Notes on Other Conflicts

I rather liked the way the mass combat system worked out, and I decided to
play around with it a little. I`m currently thinking that all Domains will
have some variant of Legions running around doing different kinds of attacks
for different effects. This is how I plan to handle, for exmaple, Contest

I`ve decided that there will be four types of attacks, one of which is
Military. The other attacks will be resolved in the same manner as Military
Conflicts, but will have some different costs and effects.

In Military Conflicts, Characters may use Strategies to help their Companies
to Attack the Infantry of enemy Legions. Fortifications may be used to
protect your Infantry. Your Character`s have a Leadership ability and your
Companies have a Military ability.

In Political Conflicts, Characters may use Contracts to help their Assets to
Agitate the Support of enemy Offices. Alliances may be used to protect your
Support. Your Character`s have a Diplomacy ability and your Assets have a
Politics ability.

In Intrigue Conflicts, Characters may use Plots to help their Agents to
Corrupt the Covertness (for lack of a better term) of enemy Networks.
Administrations may be used to protect your Covertness. Your Characters
have a Guile ability and your Agents have an Intrigue ability.

Although I wasn`t planning on having more than one type of Magic Conflict,
priests and wizards have such different flavors to them that I`m thinking of
breaking them up into Magic Conflicts and Essence (for lack of a better
term) Conflicts.

In Magic Conflicts, Characters may use Castings to help their own
Enchantments to Ensorcle the Fey of enemy Circles. Wardings may be used to
protect your Fey. Your Characters have a Spellcraft ability and your
Enchantments have a Magic ability.

In Essence Conflicts, Characters may use Miracles to help their Blessings to
Curse the Faith of enemy Ministries. Rituals may be used to protect your
Faith. Your Characters have a Religion ability and your Blessings have an
Essence ability.

-Lord Rahvin

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