Setting up a Military Conflict

A Military Conflict is a battle between two or more Legions. Each Legion is
led by a Character and contains at least one Company and one point of
Infantry. A Legion may contain any number of Infantry, but can not contain
more Companies than the Leadership ability of the leading Character.

A Company is purchased seperately. Companies sometimes possess certain
special rules such as "Can only be used for defending your provinces", but
usually have only a single Military ability score, ranging from 1 to 10.
Infantry is purchased seperately and assigned to Legions. Infantry has no
ability scores and always has the same cost; only the amount of Infantry
assigned to a Legion needs to be kept track of.

To make an attack with a Legion, choose a target Legion and roll a
Leadership check for each Company in the attacking Legion. To make a
Leadership check, roll 1d10. If the result is equal to or less than the
Leadership ability of the Character leading the Legion, then the Leadership
check is successful. Each successful Leadership check inflicts Casualties
to the target equal to the Company`s Military ability. For each Casualty
recieved, remove one point of Infantry.

Some Legions may contain special Strategies. Strategies are purchased like
Companies and attached to Legions in the same manner. They represent
resources spent on special training and preparation, but in the heat of
battle can be difficult to implement. Once they are successfully used, they
are lost forever. Replacing them requires purchasing them again through
normal means.

Strategies contain special rules that modify the conditions of the battle,
usually only for one Conflict Round. To use a Strategy, make a Leadership
Check as if you were making an attack. If the Leadership Check is
successful, you may pay the Infantry cost of the Strategy to resolve its
effects. Once a Strategy is initiated by a successful Leadership Check,
regardless of whether the Infantry cost was paid or not, the Strategy is
removed from the game.

Example Strategy: Spririted Charge, (Cost: 5 Infantry)
"1 Rnd: +1 Leadership"
Example Strategy: Ambush, (Cost: 3 Infantry)
"1 Rnd: +1 Military to all Companies in this Legion"
Example Strategy: Defensive Guard, (Cost: 0 Infantry)
"Choose a target Legion. You may recieve
Casualties instead of that unit by paying
an additional 2 Infantry."

Effects of Damage
Each Casualties inflcited on a Legion reduces the Infantry of that Legion by
one. When a Legion is reduced to 0 Infantry, it is Supressed. Supressed
Legions are broken up and can no longer participate in the Battle. At the
end of the Military Conflict, the victorious side may roll on the Spoils of
War chart for every Character, Company, and Tactic that has been Supressed.
The Spoils of War chart indicate a result of Capture, Destroy, or Survive.
Battlepsells are automatically destroyed when their assigned Legion is

Effects of Magic on the Battlefield
Battlespells are a special type of resource that combine the effects of
Companies and Strategies. Like a Company, a Battlespell has a Military
ability. Like Strategies, they have special effects that can modify the
conditions of the battle. Battlespells can only be assigned to a Legion led
by a Character with a Spellcraft rating of one or higher. If at any time, a
Character`s Spellcraft ability is reduced to 0, all Battlespells within a
Legion led by that Character are lost. Battlespells can be used as a
Strategy (to make effects) or a Company (to make attacks) by successfully
rolling Spellcraft checks (instead of Leadership checks) using the leading
character`s Spellcraft rating. Each time a Battlespell is successfully
used, it is lost. Battlespells used as Strategies never cost Infantry. A
Legion may contain a number of Battlespells equal to the total Spellcraft
abilities of all characters within the Legion.

-Lord Rahvin

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