Birthright is centered around, above all, characters. While the holdings of
domains and the military units of realms play a significant role in world
events, its the motivations and abilities of those destined to rule that lie
at the heart of the story and the game. Characters possess certain
abilities that may be useful at the domain level of play: Diplomacy, Guile,
Spellcraft, and Leadership. These values usually range from 0 to 6. They
represent not only a character`s personal ability, but also the actions of
his unseen helpers and supporters. Some characters are "Marked"; their
lives inextricably linked with great forces in the universe in a way and for
purposes that may defy normal comprehension. Marks include Blessed,
Destiny, Doomed, Shadow, and Strife.
Example Character: High Mage Aelies, Elf,
Intrigue:2, Magic:5, Destiny mark.(Cost: 17i)
Example Character: Darien Avan, Anuirean,
Diplomacy:6, Leadership:3 (Cost: 10i)
Example Character: Guilder Kalien, Brecht
Diplomacy: 2, Intrigue: 4 (Cost: 6i)
Example Character: Chief Constable, Anuirean,
Diplomacy: 1, Leadership: 2 (Cost: 4i)

A typical Domain will have a Regent, an Heir, plus any number of Lieutenants
that can be recruited and maintained. (I may tie the maximum amount of
lieutenants to the total size/influence of the Domain; I don`t know yet.)

There aren`t military units and holdings in the traditional sense; so much
as there are characters assigned to those functions. For example, you can
muster military units for your army but those military units don`t function
until they`ve been combined with a character with the Leadership ability to
create a Legion. Characters are either members of the Inner Circle or else
they are assigned as members (or leaders) of Offices, Networks, Legions, and
Circles. More about this later.

-Lord Rahvin

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