As usual, I`m trying to writeup a new domain system. My goal over the last
year in this area hasn`t really been to create a great new domain system, I
guess, so much as to see how many ways you can make a domain system and
compare the strengths and weaknesses of each.

This one is in its beginning brainstorming stages, but I kinda` like it. I
call it "Inner Circle" for now, but that`s only until I find a better name;
the whole thing is only one day old since it was first concieved between me
and one of my players yesterday. I thought I`d send it to you guys in hopes
of acquring commments and suggestions.

It began with a single mechanic that I liked in resolving combat, and
expanded outward into a very simple abstract mass-combat system. From
there, it is going into domain actions, random events, and magic. Tomorrow
I`ll probably try to figure out resources and trade.

The emphasis on this domain system isn`t on holdings and holding levels, so
much as it is on characters. Your domain has certain ability scores
(Politics, Intrigue, Magic, Military) which is derived from the ability
scores of your Regent, your Heir, and all the Lieutenants that make up your
Inner Circle. These ability scores represent the difficulty of using domain
actions and whether or not certain domain actions are even available. The
overall size of your Domain, in holdings and provinces, gives you an
Influence rating which is, at the moment, the only resource of the system
used to pay for domain action attempts.

I hope you guys like it, but its quite a bit different than what`s in the
Birthright rulebook. Because much of it is based on some of the better
mechanics found in various wargames, it`s a bit more abstract in order to
keep it simple. The design philosophy includes virtues of customization and
expansion in mind, so the final result is kind of a bare-bones system. This
is not the final result, but the results of day-old brainstorming. So
you`re seeing the initial stages of the pre-writing to a bare-bones system.
Don`t expect too much.

I would appreciate any suggestions you guys have. Thanks in advance.
I`m sending this in parts to make it easier to organize for people on the
list. I don`t know how it will come out on the boards; but one really long
email is too inconvinient to everyone, I think.

-Lord Rahvin

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