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Thread: Realm actions

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    Realm actions are described (a carryover from the previous edition) as affecting
    1. Any or all provinces in a single realm OR
    2. Any or all holdings in a SINGLE province.

    However, the rule action says that you can rule multiple holdings of the same type in other provinces. The contest action isn't explicit on the subject, but it would seem natural to assume the same...

    So ...? What can realm actions, in the case of holdings (not provinces) affect? Multiple holdings in a single province or multiple holdings of the same type in multiple provinces? And in the latter case, are they allowed to cross realm borders (i.e. to affect holdings in provinces held by different regents)?


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    Both the Rule and Contest actions are actually made up of a series of smaller actions, each with their own GB and RP cost.

    So when ruling 3 holdings in 3 seperate provinces then you rule up each seperately, as three seperate actions in the same action round, rather than just one rule or contest attempt with a single success role and a single cost.

    So you can rule or contest mutiple holdings of mutiple types in mutiple provinces, but you must pay a new GB and RP cost for each attempt.

    I hope that makes sense, if not I'll try again after I've had some sleep...
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