What about a priority "point" system, with a bit of randomness.

Players rate what they find important for their PC on a 1-5 scale from
Attributes, to Bloodlines, to Skill Packages and Feats. While still
maintaining the basic flow of D&D and D20, one can do this:


Priority 1 Bloodline
Wanting a greater bloodline I assign this as my top Priority, I get XDice to
roll to generate my bloodline score/bloodline strength (or roll on a
specific chart with greater likelihood of great

2 Assigned to Class---in this case I get the class I want, /and/ at least
the minimum attributes for it, in addition if there are special upper level
version of the class (or level based advantages I get them one level

3 Assigned to Race--in this case I get the minimum attributes for the race,
all their special abilities, and likely heritage weapons, lore skills or
things tied to ones heritage (human race variations fit here)

4) Attributes--assigning it here means I`ll have averages for the most
part--say base 7 with XD6 for each one--max 18 (of I`d as this at 1, I`d
gotten base 9 same probably another 1d6 to the XD6 and be allowed at least
one attribute 19 starting out.

and so on and so forth..?

You still can have heroes who are effective, the randomness of dice keeps
someone from being better at all things when non-blooded to one that is
unblooded (they simply don`t have to assign a 5!)

So someone who wants to play an Elvan Sorcerer might be a little bit better
at /Elf stuff/ and /Sorcerer/ Stuff if assigned one way, than another--even
if both, none or one is blooded.

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