Winter's Bitter Dawn is a campaign set in Hogunmark. After the death of Queen Frelia, the realm is in chaos, sinister forces are at work, and the jarls can barely agree except to disagree.

The game is planned to accomodate 7 players, of which I have 6 currently. I am in need of a player who is interested in playing a Priest of Erik (Druid), true to form. It's the only opening I have, and I would like to fill the spot with a player who has a good amount of experience with Birthright as a system, and know a little bit about Druidic attitude and their role (incredibly important as it is) in Rjurik society.

We are running by 3rd Ed. rules, I am trying a lot by the d20 system, but sticking to a few things out of the TD Conversion Manual, and some house rules to make the running it end work out a little smoother.

If interested I can be contacted by the following methods (I'm sure you have at least one):

ICQ: 1416261
MSN: ZephyrMists
Y!: kard_wylder