I have just read the BRCS Introduction.

I think it suffers from two problems:

First, it is too long. The Introduction in BR2E was short and to the point. Why not simply reuse that?

Second, the BRCS Introduction includes most of the history stuff of the BR2E Atlas of Cerilia. To me, that info should be part of the upcoming d20 Atlas of Cerilia. Why isn't it?

Besides, I noticed that the BRCS Introduction includes only PART of the history from BR2E Atlas of Cerilia, not everything. In some places it has even been subtly rewritten for no apparent reason. Why? I think the original work by Rich Baker is excellently written. Again, why not simply reuse that "as is"?

Oh, and thanks to the development team for their GREAT work ;-) It has certainly encouraged me to pick up Birthright again!