Deismir is the 6th month of the year, the third month of summer, and the
22nd day of this month is the anniversary of the battle. Haelynites
celebrate the Day of Ascent (Godsday). The BoP says Avaniites celebrate
the ascension with reverance but not as a big deal. I think that`s

The Pilgrimage of Ascension

Khinasi followers of Avani, despite the protestations of religious leaders
in their homelands, have begun to make a festival of the Day of Ascension.
The whole month of Deismir is taken as a spiritual one, with personal
fasting and contemplation the rule during the day (under Avani`s light)
and celebration at night, with sunrise of the 22nd a particularly holy and
festive one.

The more affluent Khinasi have begun to make a pilgrimage to the spot of
Ascension. Early in the month, they board ships to Anuire. By the time
the Eve of Ascent arrives, the southern shore of Bliene, Diemed has
sprouted a tent city of a thousand or more well-off Khinasi. The only
nearby clergy of Avani, from the LPA in the Imperial City, have taken to
joining the Khinasi. The Anuireans of Diemed find these exhuberant people
very different from the pictures of Khinasi they`ve built in their minds.

At sundown there is a service on the beach, then the Khinasi board a
flotilla of ships chartered for the purpose. The ships sail for the
middle of the Straits of Aerele (or as close as one can get before dawn),
and the party lasts all night. By dawn, they`ve tied up into a raft of
ships, and the Khinasi celebrate Ascension. Offerings are dropped
overboard (typically coins, but sometimes larger, more valuable things),
prayers get said, the faithful are blessed with seawater from this holy
place, and then the party resumes. The raft gets cut loose about noon,
and ships straggle back to Diemed to regroup, collect their correct
passengers, and begin the long journey back to Khinasi lands.

The Seadrake has not yet interfered with the pilgrimage; maybe they really
are blessed by Avani for the voyage, maybe he can`t keep track of a
calendar, or maybe he collects the larger valuables dropped overboard for
himself and sees no reason to interrupt the annual donations.
Communication is possible only between equals.
Daniel McSorley-

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