p. 91 Courts:
I read that regents are forced to maintain a "minimal" court depending on
the size of their largest non-source holding.

Does that mean that regents courts have to have a minimal size depending
ONLY on the largest non-source holding?
e.g. regent A has two dozen level 2 guilds and so has to maintain a court of
at least level 2 (largest holding) - regent B has only one level 6 guild so
he has to maintain a court of at least level 6?

So while Regent B has less domain power and income, he has to spend more on
court, because his single largest holding is larger than that of Regent A?

If so, then this should change to a minimum court level depending on the
overall size of the domain, e.g. as in the PBEM COG II

The "minimal" court required to effectively administrate the realm as
described under "Courts" is identical to the minimal court (level 0) in
table 5-5?
So e.g. a law holder with only 1 level 4 holding would have to have a court
4 to have a minimal court. A minimal court is in table 4-4 = level 0 or 0 GB
spent, but the he is required to have a minimal court of level 4 due to his
holdings. Does that mean he has to spend 4 GB to get a level 0 court and 7
(table 5-5 level 3-4) to get the benefits of an average court?
Michael Romes

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