In 2E times we had 3 actions/month per turn/season and lots of free actions
(e.g. build). Additionally certain classes had free or bonus actions
(priest/agitate, thief/espionage).

Now, if I understand it right, the number of actions has been
- severely limited, as a regent can´t build and muster with only his income
being the limit (or if these variant was used the 1 free action per
character level from the cardboard)
- equalized, so that any regent spending the same amount of money on court,
has the same number of actions.

I like the first rule. In my opinion, no regent should have been able to do
dozens of build or muster or other "free" actions per season. Limiting it to
the size of his courtlevel seems more realistic to me than limiting it to
his personal character level.

The second rule is not quite what I would like.
Certainly, a regent spending lots of gold on court should have more court
actions. As far as I understood with a 10+ court a regent can have 5 court
actions per domain turn/season in addition to the normal 3 standard domain
actions. Good! A regent who spends 10+ GB on court should be able to
delegate that much actions, especially when formerly free actions do count
against this limit.

However GB and court level should not be the only factors in the number of

Highly skilled regents should, in my opinion, be able to rule more
effectively. In the 3E manual of Travis Doome for example a Leadership check
of DC 15 gave you a free AGITATE action. I liked that. Someone VERY good at
something should be able to achieve results in less time, and so be able to
do more than others. If that is a character with Leadership/AGITATE, Gather
Information/ESPIONAGE, Spellcraft/SCRY or whatever skill fits to a domain

This is especially important as Wizards, who earn no GB will likely have no
or a very small court. In COG II Morg made up a rule by which Wizards had to
spend less GB to maintain an average court (effectively this court was
smaller by number of people, but as far as i understood the wizard had a
reputation that gave him the same advantages as an average court).

So Wizard characters will have only 1 action per season, while filthy rich
guilders will have 8 (3 standard+5court)? Mmmh...

I would suggest to allow rich regents to have 3+5 actions, however very
skilled regents to get more actions with a successfull skill check.

To avoid that the rich, who by chance are very skilled too, get even more
actions I would suggest to keep the upper limit at 3+5, however allow very
skilled regent who spend less on court/personal to get a free action WITHIN
that limit by a successful skill check in the relevant ability.

e.g. the priest Aaron spent only 2 GB on court (which would mean 3 standard
+0 court actions), as he used the other gold to feed the starving familys in
his province, but by making a great effort, like making a Leadership (that
is Lead now, right?) check with a result to astonishing 22 he can get a free
agitate action. But never more than a regent having a 10+ court would get to
have a fixed upper limit of actions.

In addition I would suggest to raise the DC from 15 to 20 to get a free
action to make it a rare occurance and not happen too often.
Michael Romes

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