p. 138 Bloodline Destruction:
I like it that this spell was moved from a simple 6th level Cleric spell to
a realm spell. Something such important in Birthright as a bloodline with
it´s abilities should not to be destroyed that easily as in Travis Dooms 3E
Manula (only a golden sewing needleas material component).

Whan I first read Dooms Bld. Destruc. spell I immediately thought: Why a
golden sewing needle? Why not a tiny piece of Tighmaevril which is consumed
in the casting? (e.g. the necklace mentioned in the PS of Talinie would be
perfect for 200 castings of such a spell).

I suggest to add such a special material component in addition to the
material cost of 10 GB.

Why would a character use a pure fortitude save against such a spell?
Wouldn´t it be fitting if the bloodline modifier would be added to the save
to make it more difficult to destroy e.g. Prince Avans bloodline?
Michael Romes

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