> Maybe I`m missing something here - the d20 rules presented say that
elves can be sorcerers, not that they prefer to be. It also says that their
favored class is any arcane casting class vice wizard from the core rules.
>I haven`t really heard anyone say that elves shouldn`t be allowed to be
sorcerers just why they don`t think they would or that they would be
wizard instead. So the bottom line is what is the point? Where should the
BRCS rules go in this area? Suggetions?:)

I renamed this thread.

To restate what I wrote in my post about classes:

I really like the way the sorcerer/wizard issue was handled in the BRCS
doc. The official rules draw no distinction between a wizard and a
sorcerer, because both are so rare it doesn`t really matter. The doc does
suggest that many elves, because of their chaotic nature, don`t have the
inclination or discipline necessary to become a wizard, so therefore favor
the sorcerer path. However, there is no restriction against an elf being a
wizard, and they may do so if they wish. (And if they are stupid, they can
even be a sorcerer/wizard)

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