p. 23 Administrate skill
Wisdom? In 2E Administration was an INT nonweaponproficiency of the general
group and in my opinion managing an organization is based on intelligence.
You certainly can argue for anything: To lead a large organization you must
be a mastermind, sharp witted (INT), be able to decide quickly out of the
belly (WIS) and lead through example and motivate your employees (CHA).
In that case I would suggest to use the variant rule as the Intimidate skill
suggests (using strenght instead of charisma) for the Administrate skill as
well - use INT modifier instead of WIS modifier if you like as both are
approbiate attributes to effectively be the head of an organization.

p. 95 Domain regency collection:
Administration is a skill I would see to fit perfectly to both guild and
temple collection ratings as both are organisations to be managed.

The idea to change the connection of holdings/provinces with classes to one
with skills sounds good but is useless in my opinion:

In most PBEMS I know guilds are taken over by everyone who can do it (most
of often the landed ruler), e.g. in COG II the guilds in Dhoesone and those
in Talinie, in ITSOD II the ruler of Cariele currently does it. This happens
despite roleplaying aspects like Anuirean nobles are too noble to bother
with money, trade and such or that if that is really the way to go we
certainly would have no independant guilds or vassal guilds in Anuire after
1500 years after Deismaar but only state guilds... In reality noone cares
except the guilds who are divested. That the landed regent can´t reap RP
from the guilds is no hindrance as most regents have already more
provinces/holdings than their bloodline allows them to gain RP and so the
limitation is useless.

Changing the limitation from class (e.g. only rogues and aristocratguilders
gain from guilds RP)to skills relevant to those classes do not change that
in the least. Still the landed regent, e.g. fighter will have in most times
already maxed out his RP income with his lands and law holdings and is only
interested in the GB to earn. And the GB he earns are the same as for any
rogue or aristocrat guilder. Or the opposite: A Guilder with maxed out RP
collection from his guilds takes over the province. Not interested in the RP
he can ignore the skill requirements and happily collects the tax...

If you go for a skill system of RP gain, then the GB gain should be similar
and allow for GB collection in a similar restricted way as the RP gain -
this would let all players consider it twice to take over a foreign
holding/province. And it would support an opinion stated earlier: You need a
rule to balance, roleplaying aspects are too often ignored.

Then the Regency collection rating:
e.g. provinces: 10+ means that a character of level 2 (without feats) with
maxed Warcraft and Diplomacy at rank 5 will earn 100% RP. This leaves only
the Paladin as he is the only one with Warcraft and Diplomacy as class
skills, right? One level later the Fighter joins him and at character level
7+ most characters qualify (when they either have Warcraft or Diplomacy as
class-skill). However Sorcerors and Wizard who have neither Warcraft nor
Diplomcacy as Class-skills would VERY late be able to gain full RP from
provinces - that is simply not very much Birthright any more in my opinion.
EVERYONE could gain full RP from provinces in 2E Birthright regardless of
class, and so should do so regardless of skill in 3E.
The most obvious point would be that even Khinasi Wizards in Khinasi would
not be able rulers of provinces while being the admired regents of the whole
Michael Romes

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