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    hi people !
    I'm probably the newbiest member of ...
    Till now I just master d&d3 and other roleplaying games (many of them at least virtually) but I've been confronted a few weeks ago with this very old video-game :
    "birthright : the gorgon's alliance" and as my best friend is a fan of birthright , the video game I think it would be a good way to bring us to a giant amount of good roleplaying sessions ...
    but my question is :

    - will I need any other book than what will soon be posted on ?
    - and if yes what and where could i find them ...?

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    Well, for starters, try to get your hands on old Birthright products - I've seen some still gathering dust in my local RPG shops.

    However, the d20 team has a couple of more projects going that will eventually complement the rule book we've presented very nicely, I hope. I'm not quite sure what I'm at liberty to say or not here, or what the exact plans are, and some things have not turned out quite as anticipated, but overall, I think there'll be more news on this shortly.

    Also, on the wizards site, there's a number of free downloads of variable quality available: I'd recommend you take a careful look at them, though, as some elements have been rolled into the current d20 books, and other elements may not be what you're looking for.

    There's also various fan pages on the internet with much more info; PBEM games in particular often have a bit of good setting info, though it's often modified to suit the need of that particular game.
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