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    Since the Imperial City is a very special province, I thought I`d "liven
    it up" a bit by detailing what the various law holdings in it actually

    There are four law holders in the City: the Chamberlain, Avanil,
    Boeruine, and Diemed. Each of them holds the sympathies of some of the
    City`s population, and each of them controls part of the City watch
    (each probably patrolling specific quarters of the City, so as not to
    impinge on each other`s territory). All of the city`s holdings (law or
    others) are considered protected by the city walls (i.e. the castle that
    fortifies the province).

    Additionally, each law holding influences some part of the City`s
    infrastructure. This influence is usually more for roleplaying than
    tangible game benefits, but it does provide small benefits to the law
    holders, as shown below.

    The Chamberlain maintains control over the City`s government
    infrastructure such as the Imperial Palace, the Senate, and other
    government buildings. The effect of this is that the Chamberlain`s law
    holding is considered to be the full level 10 for the purposes of tax
    collection and law claims.

    Avanil controls most of the old Imperial Shipyards and much of the
    City`s harbor. This allows Avanil to build and station ships in the City
    without needing the province ruler`s permission.

    Boeruine controls many of the city`s guard barracks and has strong
    influence in the Imperial Military Academy. As such, Boeruine can muster
    up to 2 units in the city per turn, without needing the province ruler`s
    permission (though large musterings would likely alarm all the

    Diemed controls much of the City`s judicial infrastructure, including
    the Imperial High Courts. This gives Diemed the ability to support or
    oppose any creation or ruling of temple and guild holdings in the city
    with up to 4 points, and Diemed can also spend RP freely to further
    support or oppose such actions (normally only the province ruler can do
    that). This explains why WIT doesn`t have a stronger presence in the
    City, as Diemed has opposed it.

    There has been an informal agreement between the four law holders that
    they will not interfere with each other`s holdings, and will
    collectively oppose anyone else trying to get a toehold in the City.
    This agreement may or may not hold in the future, as the rulers make
    more decisive moves to claim the Iron Throne.


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    Replying to myself here. :) Soon after posting it, I thought that Boeruine's special bonus was too unbalancing, and so changed it to the following:

    Boeruine controls many of the city's guard barracks and has strong influence in the Imperial Military Academy. As such, Boeruine can hire fighter lieutenants who are more likely to have higher military skills and to be blooded. Additionally, the law holding acts as a scout unit in the neighboring provinces (Anuire and Ciliene). Once per turn, Boeruine can negate the effects of the other law holdings on Espionage within the City (this represents the guard captains 'looking the other way' when Espionage is committed - if used too often, it can lead to their arrest and loss of this ability).

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