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    At 01:24 PM 5/13/2014, crassly_vexxed wrote: ...

    At 01:24 PM 5/13/2014, crassly_vexxed wrote:

    >So. A priest of Erik (druid) would go off of the priest (cleric)
    >experience table and not the druid and i would not have to worry
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    Priest/ Druid [19#28480]

    At 07:44 AM 5/13/2014, Sorontar wrote:

    >My understanding is that "druid" is just a
    >specialised priest for Birthright, and this
    >follows priest rules with the selection of
    >spells etc being...
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    Gnomes - in BR? [9#28454]

    If someone REALLY wanted to put gnomes in their BR campaign, I`d
    suggest these possible methods:

    1. The offspring of a awn-/ersheghlien. There are several races
    (sahuagin with the Kraken,...
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    Blood Abilities: Brenna and Travel [9#28452]

    At 06:20 AM 2/23/2014, Jaleela wrote:

    >Over a table top gaming session the other night, a question came up
    >regarding the Brenna Travel ability. I`ve read both the 2e and 3e
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    New War Cards Out There? [9#28427]

    At 06:59 AM 12/18/2013, Delazar wrote:

    >I would love to discuss about War Cards, because I really want to
    >love them, but experience in game has pushed me away from them.
    >Yes, my players...
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    What makes Birthright fun?

    At 12:13 AM 9/7/2013, AndrewTall wrote:

    >What about everyone else? What do other people like about Birthright?

    I think you summed it up quite well. The only thing I would add is
    that it is...
  7. Which reminds me.... The restriction on...

    Which reminds me....

    The restriction on necromancy for Khinasi wizards is also a pretty
    serious issue. Effectively, that gives Khinasi wizards a penalty
    that compares to that of...
  8. Adjudicating Magicians and Specialization Using Pathfinder. [9#28195]

    At 01:13 PM 9/11/2012, AndrewTall wrote:

    >As a note, Magican`s spell selection was only limited for L3 and
    >above spells from recollection - given the low numbers of magicians
    >over L5 that`s...
  9. Adjudicating Magicians and Specialization Using Pathfinder.

    In the Pathfinder rules (which are really a kind of D&D 3.6 or 3.7)
    the rules for wizard specialization are changed. Specialists still
    get a bonus spell per level, but they aren`t entirely...
  10. Your thoughts on D&D Next [9#28172]

    At 06:15 AM 8/2/2012, Arjan wrote:

    >Today i took a quick glance on the D&D next playtest (very quick)
    >and i was quite suprised how much it actually looks like a 3.5
    >revamp... maybe revamp is...
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    In and of itself, I don`t have a problem with...

    In and of itself, I don`t have a problem with including almost
    anything in a BR campaign. Gnomes, ninjas and drow are not part of
    the setting, but I could imagine an awnsheghlien embodying any...
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    I would stay well away from having actual...

    I would stay well away from having actual populations of drow in a BR
    campaign. The drow are a fun race to use in OTHER settings, but they
    just don`t smack of the dynamics of BR for several...
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    I`ve had a theme for a BR campaign in the back of...

    I`ve had a theme for a BR campaign in the back of my mind for many
    years now. The idea is that Cerilia is invaded by a massive army
    from across the sea, led by an awnshegh (an expatriated...
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    Winning - Birthright! [9#28170]

    I`ve never had players get so far as to "win" the setting. I
    generally focus on a much more adventure level of play in which the
    domain rules to influence events. That doesn`t really lend...
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    Troop production limit [9#28159] [9#28160]

    One issue with using population level to limit troop numbers is that
    the rules have a special issue with raising levies. That is, levies
    can--possibly permanently--lower population level. So,...
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    At 09:46 AM 7/19/2012, oomalex wrote: >Is...

    At 09:46 AM 7/19/2012, oomalex wrote:

    >Is there any limit about the number of troops a regent can muster in
    >a province in a long period of time?
    >The rule states that "a province can raise...
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    I just want to chime in and thank Arjan for his...

    I just want to chime in and thank Arjan for his amazingly consistent
    and tireless efforts to keep things current in There are
    three constants in the universe: death, taxes and Arjan.
  18. Birthright: Giant Downs: Pathfinder: Hidden game mechanics [9#28128]

    At 07:20 PM 5/1/2012, Noquar wrote:

    >Just wanted to share a little experiment I am running involving a
    >Birthright campaign using pathfinder rules and running it while
    >hiding all numerical...
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    Kickstarter and OOTS [9#27514]

    At 02:03 PM 2/19/2012, AndrewTall wrote:

    >I hadn`t heard of kickstarter before looking it up over this, if
    >some-day we are allowed to re-print any of the BR books, kickstarter
    >could be a way...
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    Who`s your favourite Awnsheghlien? [9#27502]

    I`m not going to be able to pick just one.

    I do have to chime in with a few words about Rhoubhe. He is in many
    ways the most tragic and troubled of BR`s villains, as is best
    exemplified by...
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    Domain type for Criminal Organizations [9#27472]

    Generally speaking, I think that "criminal" holdings could be best
    portrayed in BR by using a "clandestine" or "secret" holding rule
    rather than having an entirely different type of
    holding. ...
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    New to Birthright,advice sought [9#27483]

    At 08:32 AM 1/15/2012, Kaz wrote:

    >I recently came across the Birthright Campaign Setting Rulebook, DM
    >Screen, Atlas of Cerilia and Ruins of Empire used for around 15
    >bucks. I gobbled them...
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    New Version of D&D Coming [9#27479]

    At 09:05 AM 1/9/2012, Vicente wrote:

    >EnWorld has some nice articles about it. There is also another one
    >in Forbes I think.

    I`m sure there will also be articles in The Congressional Record...
  24. Thaele- What we know and what we might guess [9#27442]

    There was a race of walrusmen that appeared in the Dragonlance
    setting called Thanoi. I found stats at:

    BR features several locations where there is a...
  25. Magic potential of a province and canon data [9#27468]

    In addition to the ability of elven populations to increase their
    population without reducing the magical source level of their
    provinces, there are occasions in the published materials when a ...
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