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Gavin Cetaine
10-05-2002, 11:24 AM
A while back I had the pleasure of acting as second chair to another GM while I learned about the BR system. On one occasion, I led a small group of PC's on a side adventure while the majority of the group was engauged by the head man. A couple games later, there was quite a stir when trolls were coming out of the mountains asking for a character by name. The lord of the realm was quite taken aback when it was brought to light that one of his court members had recently had dealings with these foul creatures. Or maybe it was because they came asking for his help in removing another group of trolls that had moved into the area and was causing trouble. Sometimes the traditional bad guys aren't really so bad.

My favorite tactic to use against players is to confuse the issue. Be it changing the name of a creature, or revising the creature so that it has different weaknesses. Make things difficult for the player to guess what you're throwing at him and you return some of the suspense to the game that you had when you were first learning to play. And, there's the bonus of seeing your players' faces when the characters fearfully brandish flaming torches to fend off the evil Swampmen only to have the critters eat the torches. Or the relief when the same trolls whimper and cower at the mere sight of a shocking grasp.

Mystery is as much a part of role-playing as combat or political intrigue or the traditional bar brawl. Although this isn't a adventure seed, it help's to make an adventure memorable.


10-31-2003, 04:51 PM
i think that each monster is unique the same way that each human beign is different from the other.

I usualy put time on monster description and personality.
it take time but i pay in RPG. my players like description of monster. think of a big troll with scar. (ok troll had regeneration) it may mean that this troll had confronted enemies who had severly injuried him. he survived the wound and he more carefull. Another troll may wear some piece of armor from fallen foes. a helmet on the rigth knee and a shield attached on the back. this troll is smarter than the other. he had learn that some foes wear protection and he is covering his body in hope of geting less wound from foes. an other troll look realy stupid and he is not dexterious. a green slime alway goes out of his nose and he alway mumble and scratch his head. Think about a warrior who died in full plate and was raised as a squeleton. a lich who walk with nothing, no robe no staff ect. some townfolk who where infected with a plague who make them look like zombies. making small or usaly weak monster unique in description or stat will make players remember them and enjoying this encounter. As good test to see if you had make an encounter memorable is to ask them after 6 month what where the monster or the npc they had encountered in a location.

12-17-2003, 07:15 PM
I think the ability to twist creatures is one of the best parts of the caimpaign. Characters no longer know what to expect from any encounter. Cerelia has a limited number of monster types, but those who become tainted with the shadow become unique monsters. It's fun to use this....

One of my favorite monsters is a creature called the Ettin, the creature was born when a PC killed the Hag, but was transformed rather quickly (he was nuetral/ bordering on evil when landed the killing blow and he actively stated he wanted to attempt bloodtheft).

There was nothing like having a party have to hunt one of their members and wondering what abilities he had grown. Take that with the suspicion it generated of the remaining characters - and you have a compelling storyline for a monster that wasn't all that hard to kill in the end.

Cypher Pax