View Full Version : New Rules for Loyalty

12-04-2001, 04:43 AM
I've been trying to think of a descent method for tracking loyalty. I've never liked the simple four grades as written in the original rules. I've been batting around an idea based on a percentage, but can't quite figure out the semantics.

Does anyone else have a descent idea or know a website with a good idea?

Arius Vistoon
01-11-2002, 05:06 PM
Assign a score value ( as an attribute ) for loyalty
if the score decrease, roll D20 with modification of attribute loyalty vs DC of 15 + 2 by level of province ( i.e DC=27 for a province 6 )
if the roll failed the province go to rebellion ( the RP and GB costs for all actions are increase by the difference between roll and DC ) else nothing.
the four grade of loyalty doesn't exist more. The consequence of the roll is good for the next turn , no more

the decrease of the attribute is egal the double of the malus in the rule and the increase stay as it. ( it's more difficult to progress than decrease in loyauty ! )

having law doesn't ignore stade but give a bonus for the roll
( + 5 for all available law
+2 for most available law )

Nb : is an idea for developpement, not a rule in use by me...