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05-29-2002, 09:47 PM
New Edition Rules Book!
Rediscover the BirthrightŪ campaign-a land of legend-with this new edition. The fallen god of evil, Azrai, was sundered into pieces and his blood continues to empower his wicked followers. Prevent the spawn of evil from gathering their former lord's power and rekindling the bonfire of destruction! Updated and revised for maximum adventure.



Click on the link above to access a larger version of the cover.

The Birthright developer group has been hard at work the last few months, putting together a 3rd Edition version of the Birthright world. The upcoming document will feature the most thorough conversion to date of our favorite D&D Campaign setting!

The work that has been done, and is still underway, will stay true both to the spirit of Birthright, and the spirit of the 3rd Edition rules. It will feature a complete conversion of races, classes, bloodlines, monsters, and more. New skills, feats, and other little mechanical goodies have been designed especially for the Birthright world. The revision of the domain rules promises to bring them fully up to date with the changes that happened between 2nd and 3rd Edition.

In the upcoming weeks, some spoilers may be posted for discussion - stay tuned; it's been quiet about this for a long time - we're about to turn up the volume here.

Elton Robb
06-16-2002, 03:15 AM
I think it's time to shed a little more light on BR 3e. Since I started the project, I think I should be the one that should shed some light.

The Gods Section is going to be easy to understand. I believe Ian and I have decided on the FRCS format for the Gods, and each one will detail temple Archetecture and priestly garments for adventuring and ceremonies.

It's going to be a good section!

Elton Robb