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.......1554 HC Keltier......

...the snow was surely missing only from the lands of the East, from the regions where its people called themselves "they who come from El'Arassi", and the thought of that filled his mind with memories of long ago. Memories he knew he had to let go because they wont help him now, they wont make him stand as a man. The flickering of the flame from the large bonfire was soothing the cold and the vague now sounds of people fleeing his camp is now heard less and less, he was somehow certain that most of the rebels have left, he knew if he stood there and face the enemy they would escape with their lives and live to fight another day for their cause, he saw the spirit in most of their eyes, they had hope but not now, not this night, not against .....

"My friend....." a trembling voice interrupted the river of thoughts that flowed in his mind, the hulking man stood slowly on his feet and with a swift maneuver flurred his cloak around his arms, as he turned his eyes came to meet the young man whom age and war had grown onto this bold warrior , "Luthien, do as I instructed .....take the people and flee to the south...find the sword and unite it with the boy, I will do as fate commands me to" . Young Luthien stood six feet tall and his shoulders could be surely those of a blacksmiths sons not those of an altar boy, but then he thought at that he was the best example of servant of a Stormlord. Man to boy they stood facing each other with neither taking the courage to utter not a single word, both knew of their upcoming fate, both had to embrace their destiny.

"Young William is now escorted to safety, let me fight at your side, I cannot bear to live with the thought of fleeing..."

" This is not your battle Luthien and surely this is not your time, I have scores to settle with those men and I will settle 'em now once and for all" and with that swift words he yanked for his sword that was resting at his side..."..I know how to defend myself, remember.." he added with tone of irony.

"You have to make sure young William survives and if all fares fine you raise him as your own, he is the only hope you have Luthien , as a man , as a priest, as a leader, this boy will bring these lands back to light, now do as I command and...." a streak of tears rolled down the left cheek of the young acolyte, and made the old veteran silence.."you speak as if we were not to meet again, you need not die here not now, flee with us...." his words echoed in the mind of Bertrand as if he was lost in his thoughts. His mind became filled with memories of those things that led him here, today, a peasant's son whose journey took him almost at the end of the world would meet his death at this lowly swamp. "Stop..." he commanded at Luthien, and with that last word he turned his back at the young man taking sure steps at the opposite direction where now the sound of baying dogs was heard and the flickering of torches was already visible. Luthien stood still for a split second with the thoughts of loyalty and duty in his mind battling for an edge...he was the last man who saw Bertrand enter the shadows against his enemies and lived to tell the tale.....

The two men parted at the abandoned camp, but one figure was lingering still at the shadows... the light of full Ruornil came across her face that shone like alabaster and her black eyes glimpsed and filled her heart with tears.....torn between demon and man the young woman fought her own battles this time, it was the first time she was there for him , she did not even trust herself but she wanted to step forth and stop all this, she knew she could, she never did......

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Hope was all that Bertand was seeking his entire life. A smiths son from Haes , he left his home very young seeking adventure and glory in the name of Cuiraecen, what he found later on was 3 very good friends and a woman he never had the chance to have.

The Player that brought Bertand to life I have to admit is a blessing to all dms since he is one of the most resourcefull players and cooperative a Dm can have and participate in his campaign, been as commander, outlaw, sheriff and finnaly revolutionary Bertand stood at the side of good honoring the Stormlord his entire life, he met his death at a followup campaign his player was Dming at a crossover party at the hands of his most vile adversary the Sword Mage but been able at least to gain time for his trusted proteges to escape.

Most of the characters mentioned here are players ((PCs) who have actually lived in our world of Cerilia and there names have till today filled our stories with joy or awe.

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Cool stuff man, thanks for sharing these.