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04-28-2011, 07:01 PM
…..1562 HC...Imperial City

The Imperial Palace rises out of Cairn Rock almost like a natural extension of the rock formations. The long path to the Palace gates, overlooked by the great walls protecting the Emperor, or in his place, his servant, the Imperial Chamberlain stands still high with the banners of the long lost and now failing old Anuirean Empire. One man stands alone in sorrow at the window of the tallest tower of the palace, his gaze straight at the dark ocean of South Seas and the foreboding Straights of Aerele. The winter breeze skims though the open window and blows his hair over his cloak, his heavy eyebrows and the dark caves of his eyes seem to be enjoying the view of the lantern lights out of the docks and the bayed ships which waves crush upon their hull. This man is no ordinary man, defying the lords, friendship, clergy and above all his one and true desire in this life, which He did not bless him to crave it. A tear rolled down his cheek while the thoughts a glorious past skimmed in his mind and with that he pounds at the wall his fist with regret. “Why? Why have you abandoned your children? “ , “What did we do to deserve this?” “Weren’t we pious? Weren’t we devoted to you?” , “ What sort of test is this , that we have to endure?” “ I have done what I could to give glory to your name and to your legacy with whatever power I had in my grasp….” And in tears he kneels at the open window cradling at it, he forehead touches the cold stone as if bending his head to someone superior, who he knew only one existed and never demanded it even from him.

Torn with the raving emotions in his heart the Defender of the Empire succumbs to his agony and the his sobers echo in the room.

The flame of the torches in an instant flicker and the cold grows more intense, while a dark shadow is cast upon the stones of the old Palace. The dread of a dark presence overcomes the elder Paladin while he can feel the encroaching darkness complete fill every inch of the room. “Nemetor……..” the voices sounds neither male nor female, and it was surely not made in this world, he knew…he could guess….” The light of the father protects me…you have no power over me, and I will never allow you to gain any” and with that he stood tall surrounded by darkness but obviously ignoring that fact he braced the symbol of the Sword and and Shield hanging long from his neck feeling its warmth even in this coldness. “ I carry his light, I bring his word, long you have laid this siege on my soul and you should have already known I will not falter” “ You will not Paladin, but what will happen when all you serve falls under your blind steps?” “ What will happen when you no one to turn to?” “ The empire you serve belongs to MY son? His right is true and his claim will come swiftly old fool, and all you stand for will crumble and fall.” “ NEVER, never as I hold my breath in these halls.” “Then I shall see you are removed .”

Nemetor knew that those threats were hollowed words, his heart filled with the strength of his deity he raises his head and utters, “ This will never happen as long honor holds in these halls “.

With that last words the large oaked door flung open and the darkness subsided as soon, the torchlight restored itself and the room was once again filled with light, the imperial guard rushed in the room . “ Lord Aesan…” the armed guarded uttered with a small hesitation. Nemetor turned at the guards slowly and..”What is the meaning of this intrusion, guards?” he could smell the polished iron hinges of their plates and the fresh lavender the imperial guards use to bath in, he knew who they were, their sweat could be also smelled and the he could even here the pounding of their heart as they came running up the stairs. There was someone else there, he could feel him , the stench of incense came at his nostrils and he knew that kind, he was a priest he could hear his soft echoing breath at the halls. “How do you burst in the royal quarters announced? What is the meaning of this?” “Lord Nemetor Aesan” the voice of an orator and surely not a soldier was heard amongst the guards. “By Church decree and by the orders of the ruling council of Nobles , here fore your duties as the Defender of the Empire are relieved, the Order of the Knights of the Iron Throne is disbanded and you are allowed to retire yourself at your estates under the supervising eye of the Clergy of the One God” “ This decree is to be carried out immediately an I would strogly advice you to abide the command of the council”

Nemetor knew that this test was the his last and with a sure step forth and his head held high he made his step towards the guards that once served him.

04-29-2011, 09:37 AM
To be honest I was reluctant to open my closet surely since there were a lot skeletons hiding there, one of them was several campaigns run over the world of Cerilia with the eagerness of a teen and surely with the love of a father. This small teaser is part of the played story of Sir Nemetor Aesan, whose fervor to serve the Iron Throne and the Chamberlain brought him to the highest rank I had allowed a player to raise in my campaings, to be sincere I do hold a huge amount of respect for the major Npc's , villains and heroes alike and I am rather reluctant to substitute them unless there is a major turning point in the history I am weaving. Nemetor deserved the title of Defender of the Empire since twice sacrificed himself in servitude of Haelyn and of course his one and sole vision the security of the now vacant Iron Throne.
Feel free to comment and surely I will shed some light on some dark corners of the extract.

Thanks for the patience of those who are reading it

05-01-2011, 12:03 PM
One thing that sparked in my mind while I read it was perhaps the empire is dead and that the Chamberlain is simply holding on to the shell of what once existed in defiance of the gods and fate. With that said perhaps its just the very holding on to that ghost of empire that keeps the limited peace within Anuire preventing petty warlords from taking chunks of other realms and instituting their own influence upon the small guys neighboring them.

I liked the sense of some dark power watching over the situation tempting doubt and waiting for a weakness to be exposed. It gave the feel that there is an imminent threat to Anuire as a whole and that the Chamberlain's actions are justified to spare the people a darker fate than that of just an empty throne.

One thing that keeps coming to mind when I encounter the fall of Anuire and then relate to the gods of Cerillia is the hierarchy of the gods themselves. I think Avani is the highest ranked god isn't she? Therefore it could follow that she is the next movement of the people of Cerillia. I have tied that into the new great Khinasi empire under the banner of Avani after those realms have united and dealt with the very high challenge rating of the Awnsheghlien and villains in their lands. The hardened members of this empire prove challenging to keep at bay even for a united Anuirean front. Its what I had come up with when considering the fall of Haelyn's mighty Anuirean empire and what comes next and the reasons why.

05-01-2011, 01:55 PM
I dont think I can find words to best put it as you did my friend. I am amazed on your intuitive gaze through this sort extract, indeed this is what has occured in our campaign which is currently live and ongoing ofcourse with several characters trying to unveil the mysteries that are bringing Anuire back to its dark age. After almost 80 years of campaign time in "our" Anuire , the clergy of Haelyn as it will be revealed later in a followed up teaser has moved into a Hierarchical conclave in order to unify the faith and bring peace and order in the cold war status that the Empire has befallen after this time.

That unification ofcourse isn't innocent at all and the Gods themselves given their current status and godly pact are rather reluctanct at the current time to interfere themselves although they are pointing out the trusted and most loyal servants in order to unveil this ((which are not the player characters))

Nemertor loses his life some years afterwards defending the city of Bevalduor at the side of Mhor from the invading forces of Prince Raesene, who sees his scheme to rule Anuire coming to completion after years of anticipation and inner conflict.

05-02-2011, 03:22 PM
Anuire that the author created in all these years that he builds his campaign has come to a moral standstill. Ιs now a land full of useless,arrogant and selfish leaders,full of corruption and decay..Exactly like our own society..At such times Nemetor Aesan was among the very few romantic fools that kept trying to change this loose status quo..He honorably perished facing the ancestral foe of Anuireans beside a true leader..!

The person that created and played for almost two years this character must be really pleased:D