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11-14-2010, 07:31 AM
Hello Everyone,

I am considering starting a new game. The general concept would be that each player is a governor in charge of a colony. Regardless of class each regent would be landed and start with control of their own island. Each character would start on the same footing.

I plan on following the general domain rules from the Birthright d20 Campaign Setting Rulebook without all the skill stuff. This would be replaced with characters getting bonuses to domain actions related to their archetype. Characters would be standard 4th edition D&D lv 1 with a bloodline ability score of 10. During creation a character would choose to follow a specific archetype. Priest, Guilder, Wizard, or Fighter. Players would generate RP from land ownership and the holding linked to their archetype.

I am going to add strategic, economic, growth, and magical resources to each province that will increase the importance and value of trade. (And something to fight over) Guilders will not got RP from trade.

If people wish to do live adventuring and time permits, I will use maptools and host a game over the net. So long as we make it a LFR legal game I can find extra players as mercenaries. http://www.rptools.net. In such games your character would need to follow LFR guidelines and would be considered an NPC. If we do not have time or the player does not wish it, I will credit an adventure based on the LFR guidelines.

I would like to keep the player base at around 8. I feel that would provide enough players while at the same time allowing the game to move forward without getting too bogged down. Once we get enough players I will create the map and start posting domain specific information.

I started a forum for the game:

11-14-2010, 08:16 PM
I would be interested in playing in one more PBEM

11-15-2010, 04:39 AM
Welcome Gustav

11-15-2010, 07:45 AM
I, too, would be interested in playing.

11-18-2010, 04:02 AM
Game is still building the player base.

11-18-2010, 04:41 PM
Sounds interesting. Signing up on your forum to check it out.

12-08-2010, 12:52 AM
Hey i want to play however i am new at this. I've played D&D before however never Birthright.

01-02-2011, 08:55 PM
hey I signed up to your bored but can't login, so if there is room I'm interested. Login was Les