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01-25-2010, 12:49 AM
Hi all,

I am starting up a play-by-post "standard" adventure game set in the Birthright World.


All players (4 - 6) will start as experts in a village in Caulnor, Avanil. The village details will be filled out based on what 'areas' each character is based in. Obviously if we have a miner, there are some mines nearby. Woodchopper, a wood-stand, etc.

I have posted the 'main NPCs' of the village that there are to interact with (and potentially learn from). Feats, skills and class levels will require training prior to being taken. That is; if you are trying to become a level 3 fighter and take weapon focus (longsword) for example, you'd need at least a level 4 fighter to train with - and one that likewise is very proficient with the longsword.

There are further details on the forum on character creation.

But the idea is that everyone is a (slightly above) average person in a village, who will eventually become adventurers.

Email or registered to join up if you are interested, cheers!


email: Dm.Diemed@gmail.com