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06-07-2008, 06:54 AM
In place of domain powers/specialty priests gods now grant 1/encoutner abilities in feat form. (only 1/god in the bsae book I see no reason not to ignore that and make maybe 1/tier). I also am nudging the over all power of the abilities up a bit, this is more because I see the gods of Cerillia much more dedicated to their followers than gods who don't remember being mortal (though that could be said of some of Cerillian's patheon I think in general it can't be).

Haelyn - Noble War is probably the most likely aspect to grant an adventuring power.

Going to the base book, the god bahamut is nobly warlike. His ability negates a critical (essentially).

On the other hand Erathis (goddess of civilization) grants a bonus to attack rolls so long as you have X allies close by. However that feels more Cuiraecen
to me.

I think Haelyn's should read
Haelyn's Protection
Encounter Divine
Standard Action Close Burst 1
Target All Allies (including yourself) in burst
Effect: If there is at least 3 allies in the burst, you grant +2 power bonus to AC and Fortitude defenses until the end of the encounter
special: You must have Haelyn's Protection to select this feat.

This said, it might be a tad powerful. Maybe +1 to each, or maybe just +2 to AC. Even then, the end of the encounter instead of end of next turn might be a tad powerful. (maybe make sustain minor?)

Erik - I have no idea. Maybe something to allow movement, but that seems unlikely.

I said with Haelyn, I think Erathis's wording is pretty good for Cuira. The only issue I have with it is the need for so many allies, sooo:

Cuiraecen's Favor
Encounter Divine
Minor Action Ranged 5
Target: 1 Ally
Effect: Target Ally gains a +2 power bonus to next strike, if next strike does not come by end of your next turn, this ability is lost.

Special Must have selected cuiraecen's favor to use this power
The biggest change is that you don't need 2 allies close by, I thought about giving it a +3, but that may be a little powerful.

Nesirie - I'm torn with her actually.
Avandra's rescue could aid the mother aspect. Melora's Tide could as well. There really isn't much 'water' power in the new edition so I think focusing her in healing/mother aspect would help.

Rournil has a several counter parts but the one that leaps out best is Sehanine's Reversal.

Rournil's Ire
Encounter Divine
No Action Ranged 5
Trigger: You make a save
Effect: Choose an enemy within range that creature gains the condition you saved against

Speical: You must select Rournil's Ire to use this power.
This one changed from 20 to merely making a save. The question with it is, how much power does it add to do that way, to me it means it will come up probably 1/encounter.

Sera - I really just don't know.

Avani - She is actually the one I chose to replicate the Bahamut Armor on.

Avani's Mantle
Encounter Divine
Immediate Interupt Ranged 5
Trigger: Opponent hits an ally
Effect: Opponent take a negative to his roll equal to your wisdom modifer

Special: you must take Avani's Mantle to use this power

Bahamuts merely negated a critical roll, this one may infact make a miss out of a critical. Its another that might need to be toned down. Maybe just a -2?

Eloele - I don't know, maybe grant temporary invisibility?

Laerme - I don't know, maybe grant daze?

Kriesa/Belinik - the core book didn't have evil feats for evil gods. But we could do some.

This by the way is the new alignments in my mind of the Gods

LG - Haelyn, Avani
G - Cuiraecen, Nesirie, Laerme
UA - Eloele, Sera, Rournil, Erik
E - Kreisha
CE - Belinik

06-07-2008, 10:53 PM
Alright did some digging through the books, nothing god feated really fits her, so this will be the first step in new powers period.

Laerme's Form
Encounter Divine
Standard Action Close Blast 1
Target All Enemies in Blast
CHA v Will
Hit: all enemies in the burst are stunned until the end of your next turn.

Special you must select Laerme's Form as a feat to gain access to this power.

Maybe Dazed (save Ends) will be better, but I am unsure. The diffrence is: Stunned no action, Dazed one of the three types of actions.