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08-22-1997, 04:31 PM
When a regent's provinces are occupied by an enemy, the enemy
pays 1 GB per province occupied, does the regent still base his domain
maintenance on the total number of provinces (the regent has not yet
been divested) and holdings (which may be reduced to zero)?

As for pillaging, if a castle is neutralized, can the troops
that are "besieging"/neutralizing the castle be counted as those troops
available to pillage? It would seem that they shouldn't. They have
their duty. If they leave the seige then the troops in the castle
could ride out and rout the scattered looters and pillagers.

Also, with sea raids, doesn't it defeat the purpose of having
sea raiders (irregulars from ships --the Rjurik ...) declare war to
raid a "shore" province? The raid should be a lightning attack,
possibly limited to pillaging at moderate (to signify the haste with
which they conduct the raid). This may be a more realistic approach to
such actions. It places regents in fear of protecting their shores
from the fleets of raiders and expands the sea dimension of the game.

Can a regent establish trade routes with a vassal (within the
general guidelines for creating trade routes)? The vassal does, after
all, maintain an "independent" realm, albeit with tribute to the
liegelord. I cann't imagine the Anuirean Empire having no internal
trade routes and only trade routes to the unconquered lands.

08-23-1997, 10:29 PM
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09-06-1997, 09:36 PM
Does anyone allow create holding to be used as a realm action ?

i.e. the ruler wishes to establish a royal guild in his/her realm (roll
for each province) and issues edicts to his "minions", same for law and
temple ...
a province ruler could do so, but others would still have to do it a
province at a time ...

05-13-2008, 02:22 AM
This link was sent to the Darkmatter list, but these things could be
used as BR artifacts. In particular, they seem apt as the SW
equivalent of mebhaighl stones, sielshegh gems, Lluabraight`s Gems of
Arborea (there are 13 of these skulls--which might be a nice twist on
the 12 gems) or even pre-Deismaar artifacts of the Lost that have a
pre-RP function under Azrai that would be similar to those items. In
any case, they just look cool....