View Full Version : Birthright / BRCS For Extreme Newbie/s

08-04-2007, 09:54 PM

I've been kicking around the idea of trying to put together a system for a role-playing strategy game, similar to what the Birthright setting/system proposes but with some changes. However, I'm trying to get a handle on just how something like Birthright works, and reading through the BRCS just isn't doing it for me. I need hands-on experience, or at the very least the ability to observe it in action, in order to really understand and learn with any sort of solidity the mechanics of Birthright domain/realm management.

Are there any GMs out there willing to run a BRCS game for someone who will need a fair amount of guidance as to what needs to / can / should be done, and how to go about so doing, but who is certainly intrigued by the possibilities and is a strong writer both mechanically and thematically (or so I'm told)? It might be best if I were the only player, or at most one of maybe three or four, in order to limit the amount of confusion and work involved, and I would have no problem in a one-on-one situation between myself and a GM.

Note that I am primarily (even exclusively) interested in the strategic, rather than classical role-playing adventure, element of Birthright. I would be glad to approach this from any angle deemed best by the GM, whether starting from the least complex (e.g. small, non-realm domain, such as a guild or church) and working up to the "bigger fish" (e.g. small realms, then larger realms) as I improve my comprehension, or whether jumping straight into realm management. The critical point is just that I be given an opportunity to learn and familiarize myself through experience.


P.S. I do have access to the downloadable BRCS, from www.birthright.net, that is updated to 3.X compatibility, and this is what I would prefer to use.

P.P.S. I would prefer that this occur on www.rpol.net, so that everything (turn/round submissions, correspondence, adjudication/resolution, etc.) can be maintained in a single, organized place, and so as to garner the added benefit of having it all maintained so that I can go back after the fact and see how everything was done.