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06-20-2007, 10:37 PM
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06-20-2007, 11:57 PM
I don't know where the otter with a cape comes from, but that doesn't look like good heraldry to me.
1. Otters don't normally wear capes so there is no established way to represent it.
2. The cape as drawn is hard to recognise as a cape.
3. The cape as drawn is too small to make it worth "colouring" it with a fur.
4. If humour is the basis of an ermine cloak for an ermine (that is blazoned as an otter because in heraldry, they look the same), then why not just place him on an ermine field (i.e. background). That is much simpler and gets rid of the cloak.

As for the one with the lion.... too many arms with lions and too easy. The cinquefoil is my favourite.


06-21-2007, 07:22 AM
So far I've blazoned the South Coast and some Heartlands to the north (square maps take up the least disk space), and Dhoesone and Stjordvik, with a smattering of other locations. Only a few realms in Anuire don't have blazon. And I did Danigau as well.

Total lions in any posture are
Bannien's Deep, Azure, a seemy of crosses Or, a Lion rampant over all Or
Moergan, Or three Lions rampant Gules
Tornilen, Sable a Lion rampant, Or
Sonnelind, Azure a seemy of billetx Or, a Lion rampant over all Or
Avarien, Or per fess Vert, a Lion rampant Gules
Serimist, Or, a Lion rampant Gules
Diemed, Azure, a chief Murry, overall a Lion rampant guardant
Elinie, Azure, a Lion rampant Or
Osoerde, Sable, a Leopard Or
Alamie, Or, a Lion passant, Azure
Boeruine, Purpure, two Lions combatant, Or

So there are already five realms with lions, so far only one rampant, and only Taeghas and Bronsengae left to go. There are six provinces with lions including about half the realms of Anuire. I'm not planning on any lions in Rjurik. That still may strike you as a lot of lions, or it may not.

Once I finish Elinie (I got distracted putting up content for Dhoesone) I will have a map we could put up showing the arms on a map. An armorial atlas, so to speak.

Its certainly not like the Low Countries, wherein Flanders, Brabrant, Luxemburg, Holland, and Juliers are all lions rampant.