View Full Version : Wiki Launched!

04-18-2007, 06:54 PM
Hark and draw near for there is news on the wind. The bards have songs of a new form for spreading the Birthright campaign world: a wiki.

So why a Birthright wiki? As you're going through looking for information on Birthright, if you see something that's incorrect, you can correct it. If you see any information that's missing, you can add it. This way, the information here should be as up to date as possible, instead of having to wait for a small group of people to update the information. The more people that use the BRWiki, the more up to date the information will be!

Therefore go forth and spread the word of what may be viewed at http://www.birthright.net

I'd like to thanks the Wiki team to help us make this possible, in particular Andrew Tall and Kenneth Gauck!
Thnx alot guys!