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vota dc
03-11-2007, 10:49 PM
The character and scenario editor were great.
However the AI in Birthright often is realistic (even computer is quite stupid),but sometimes is really disgusting!
Why Baruk Azhik become vassal of Brosengae,Dhoesone sells Sonnelind castle to Roesone,Cliff Lament province is sold to Endier,one province of Coeranys is conquered by the no more Ilien (Ilien is conquered...so you can't retake the province!),Avanil makes war against Baruk Azhik that is vassal of his vassal Brosengae....
That nuisances cannot be avoided with an editor?

03-12-2007, 08:52 PM
Trouble is Sierra is particularly stingy about their source codes, not letting anyone have a look at their work, so noone has really fiddled with GA (that I know of anyway...)

03-12-2007, 09:24 PM

in general, the editors work well, I agree. They are insiders-only for lacking descriptions though.

The scenario editor cannot be forced to show more colours, looking weird. I often guess instead of see what I edit on the map.

Example: I made Anuire hold the province of same name, yet I could not see well enough those icons I needed to re-compensate Avanil for the loss.

On AI: Sielwode is my prime example. Isaelie has the summon skeletons (I don't remember if always or in our tweak). She (if player) at minimum defends the realm with a maximum of two provinces (Gorgon himself comes) lost.

She is utterly destroyed when played by the computer. That is AD: artificial dumbness. PC casts the futile spells and when I make her only have summon skeleton legion, then PC does simply not use it at all.

I would further enjoy a script, which allows Markazor and Mur Kilad to be a notch "less slave". They should not forget their own cultures need, just because they sided with the Gorgon.

I mean they are not yet 100% blood in tune with Azrai?


Damn, I listed ...does not belong here.

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