View Full Version : Welcome back

06-07-2006, 04:22 PM
As you probably have noticed we have moved to a new home.
The reason for this is that BRnet was hacked again.
We know exactly how and who did it, so if you have a couple of big friends in brazil you can pay him a visit.

But as a result of this intruder, Niklas Saers who hosted us since the beginning decided to no longer host BRnet.
I hereby want to thank Niklas for giving us a home for all those years and the service he has given us.

About our new home:
Our new home is on a server owned by Chris Flipse, better known as Flip. He and his team run the official Dark Sun website www.athas.org which is also on the same server.
So I would like to thank Flip as well for giving us some space for BRnet and keep it in the air.