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04-26-2006, 01:19 PM
In my current campaign Siebharrinn is a main enemy of PCs.

Siebharrinn was Queeen Tuar's archmage who fought at Deismaar against Rhoubhe.
Circa 200 years after Deismaar The Gorgon invaded Tuarhievel and Siebharrinn shifted (by realm spell) Sideath province from Cerilia to Shadow World (I know it differs from original history).
The forces of Shadow World (ToM elemental plane of shadow) turned him (his elven allies and Gorgon's invaders alike) into a creature of shadow (a shade from Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting), his aligement changes to evil. He became a shadow mage (shadowcaster and noctumancer from ToM).
Some years ago he was released from Shadow World. Now he is trying to explode a moon durning a realm spell to cover all Cerilia in eternal darkness.

A question:

What you think of handling Siebharrinn levels in this way:

Deismaar: Wizard 13 / Archmage 4

In the Shadow World: Using a rule A Creeping Darkness from ToM, he sacrifices 13 preexisting levels of wizard in exchange for 13 shadowcaster levels. He became Archmage 4 / Shadowcaster 13 with Shade template.
Now he added some levels of Noctumancer.

Does it make sense???

the Silver Prince
04-28-2006, 11:55 PM
I understand what you're trying to achieve but rules-wise, you've made some mistakes. The first is the Creeping Darkness feature of shadowcasters. Only when you're gaining a new level in the shadowcaster class can you exchange one sorcerer or wizard level for a shadowcasting level. If Siebharrinn was a Wiz13/Acm4 at Deismaar and the same level when he shifted Sideath to the Shadow World, then when he took his first level as a Shadowcaster he could have used the Creeping Darkness feature to make himself look something like: Siebharrin (NE[?] male Shade elf Wizard 12/Archmage 4/Shadowcaster 2). Everytime he took a shadowcaster level he could repeat the process. It would be a slow process and he'd have a higher character level when he was finished converting all his wizard levels, something like: Siebharrin (NE[?] male Shade elf Shadowcaster 26/Archmage 4). I don't know if he could still access the abilities he gained as an Archmage.

Of course the other mistake is the Noctumancer. In order to qualify into the prestige class you need to be able to cast 2nd-level arcane spells. So it would be wise for Siebharrin not to exchange all his wizard levels for shadowcaster levels. The earliest point when he could become a noctumancer is when he has taken two levels of shadowcaster and taken advantage of the Creeping Darkness feature both times. This would make him a Wizard 11/Archmage 4/Shadowcaster 4. He is now qualified to become a Noctumancer.

I love the Shadowcaster class and plan to use it for the Lost.

04-30-2006, 10:33 AM
Thank You very much for help.
I' m ToM's newbie (I have this book for a week yet) but I'm sure Shadow Magic is great for shades / Siebharrinn's elves from Sideath and for all Shadow World campaigns too.

I plan to play a shadowcaster too.