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07-23-2018, 03:10 AM
What things NEED to be in the game, if not it aint Birthright

Domain management/ruling/conquering

Start of the game:
You start as one of the 5 human races on the Aduria continent (i am still doubting if i should masetian as playable race as well)
Each race in its own region and with its own quest lines.
During those initial quests you come in contact with the various "old families" and start affiliating with them.
Then comes the moment that every one gotta run for the shadow/azrai and you start questing toward Cerilia on the run.
On cerilia you might continue questing for the families or conquer things for your own but at one point (last quest in the quest line) the epic battle of mount deismaar.
Depending on what quest choices you have made over time you are supporting that Deity on the battle.
The epic battle with be a multi phased battle with at the end when the gods sacrifice themselves you obviously receive a Bloodline.
i was thinking about some kind of favor quest lines you can do in advance which give you a higher BL when you receive a bloodline but my first idea is, you gain a bloodline with strength 1 with a minor bloodline ability.
Then over time you might get Bloodline-points as a reward for accomplishing things. Like killing a mayor awnshegh in a raid dungeon, or by accomplishing some rulling status.
That way playing the game is more rewarding.
I want this main quest line to be looooong, so that it will take you almost to max level or at least 2/3 . then when you complete it and you create an alt, you have the option to not do the bloodline quest line and go straight to Cerilia and stay unblooded (with the consequences of course).

What i intend to do is not tell or show anything a person has to do or where to go.
Like many games you follow sprinkels to your next game object or the map shows exactly where to go.
I want this game to be more free to explore. So quest givers will not have that yellow exclamation mark on their head (maybe only with a mouse over you can detect if they have something to do for you)
So you actually do need to talk with the people to discover if they have quests and through that everyone follows different quest lines and paths.

The world will be huge, so it will be worth exploring it. depending on the region if it has any goods or certain animals.
Certain Ores can not be found in all places, the best horses are khinas´ bred etc..
Wood will be be cheap in one place and hard to get in another etc etc.

What is already implemented are player created merchants.
So you can actually create a trading post that comes with a Merchant.
Everything you sell that merchant he can sell again to others.
So it depends on the players to drive the economics, whether its gathering or buying, transporting (with the risks of course..) and selling

During the game you can earn/buy deeds to pieces of land on which you can construct buildings. This can be a house in the City of Anuire to a piece of land to start farming.
Upgrading paths for each type of construction/housing.

a simple guild system is already implemented but on the road map there are two things. Guild perks/benefits based on domain power, and a system similar to the guild conquest of the SWTOR game.
each 'season' (could be a week in game time) a guild can do things towards conquest points.. or in our case Regency Points.
these can be gained in various ways, weather it be crafting war efforts, completing certain dungeons/raids in the region, pvp, contest Holdings etc.
I will try to stick as close as possible to the original birthright rules.
So guilds can spend regency points to gain power, stir up regents, contest, start holdings, transfer bloodlines to alts etc

the map
is HUGE, cerilia is somewhat 2000km by 1500km.. and that it will be!
you can imagine the work that will be put into detailing out every square inch.
I am using special cut up tools to cut the continent into little squares that load when need (world streamer)
That being said.. you start of course in Aduria :)
so at the start there will be almost two full continents available. (Aduria just the part that is needed for the introductory campaigns)

The Art style
This is the most difficult decision to make.
Since there are no concept artist involved (yet) nothing is set in stone.
At the moment low poly art is really popular, you can really do nice things but it stays very cartoony.
there is of course the cartoony look which make things more timeless like World of Warcraft for example.
And there is the realistic look. Unity has really improved the rendering, and things really look impressive now.
At the moment i am leaning towards the realistic look as i want the birthright online game to have a WOW LOOK AT THIS feeling when exploring things.
The sunsets, the weather changing effects (all are already implemented), mountain views, desserts, etc etc

well whats more to say about Awnsheghlien , the make perfect open world Bosses and dungeon themes .. maze of Malvaar, leviathan, the serpent Isle :D

07-24-2018, 11:02 PM
good luck Arjan, but I would suggest starting smaller, that sounds like an overwhelming amount of work.

07-26-2018, 10:47 AM
I like your big picture but yes, be sure to do it in stages (as I know you have said you intend to). Despair and depression due to non-completion is often a problem. Success at small targets and goals along the way is a great way to maintain your desire, just like a player doing a quest :D