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05-13-2018, 10:44 PM
Since BR bloodline powers were the basis for feats, bloodline powers arent that special anymore.. more like an extra ability, and not a WOW thats freakingh cool factor.
So ever since 3e i have been thinking on how to "convert"/replace the bloodline powers to something divine again.

so I was watching a youtube video from Matt Colville the other day about using 4E to make 5E combat more fun.


this video got me thinking..

what about the 4E daily powers? wouldnt that be an idea as a replacement for the bloodline powers?
and the level requirement like, all x-class at 5th lvl, or comes available at lvl 29 to x-class can be used to the bloodline strength.

So low level daily powers from weaker bloodlines and high lever for stronger ones.

what do you think?

05-14-2018, 08:25 PM
If you want game balance then you need to either swap BR powers for feats at adventure level play, or give the unblooded something else - while recognising that people can (rarely but when does that stop a PC) gain/lose a bloodline.

I think that ideally you would separate out bloodline powers at each level of play, so each power would, ideally have an effect at realm level (possibly not the minor ones) and also at adventure level and in social interactions (not well covered by D&D generally imho).

To even things at adventure level feats are a fair approach in my mind, much like shifter feats they are 'cool feats' only for those 'in the special group'. I can see though how people would want the blooded to 'just be better', the trouble is that the downside to being blooded - being drawn into realm actions, perhaps hunted in a highlander style bloodfest to power sort of thing - really aren't effective balancers as they hit the entire party.

I'm left saying that either all PC's should be blooded (so balance isn't an issue between blooded and unblooded) and starting them all at similar bloodline strength, using a scion class or something though as I don't like 'DM-pet' style favouratism between PCs and prefer balance.

I toyed with the idea of regency points spent on an action interacting with a related adventure action to give various benefits like re-rolls, bonuses to everyone's rolls, etc but never developed it, it could be more of a balancer between scions of different bloodline but would need a fair amount of work to make playable I suspect.