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Akin the Fiend
03-25-2017, 02:38 PM
Volo's Guide to Monsters was released this year, and its a great book with lots of interesting monsters. But not all of them are suitable for the feel of the Birthright setting IMHO, so here is some revised lore and mechanics to make them easier to fit (hopefully seamlessly) into the BR setting. As Firbolgs (King of the Giantdowns), Goblins (one race on Cerilia) and Kobolds are all in the original setting, I think they would work as player races, though Firbolgs, with their ability to pass as Elves and Humans, would be easier to accommodate as a player race than Goblins or Kobolds.

Type changes are noted where appropriate for the monster (for example, the Shadow Mastiff is now a type of fey).

Any thoughts on lore would be appreciated.

Playable Character Races

The reclusive race known as the Firbolgs are found in the great forests of western Cerilia in the tracts of Dhoesone, Cariele and Mhoried, and also among the Barrow Hills of the Giantdowns. The smallest of the Giantkin to be found in Cerilia, a strong druid tradition is part of firbolg culture and there is a strong reverence of Erik.

Goblin (Goblin, Hobgoblin, Bugbear)



Barghest (Shapechanger)
In Goblin Society, a lucky few that have the bloodline of Azrai have the ability to change into a shapeshifting creature known as a Barghest - a similar creature to the form of the servants of Kartathok.

The power comes at a price, however - if the Barghest is engulfed in fire, there is a chance it could end up banished to the Shadow World or the realm of the goblin lord.

When a boggle creates a rift, the rift passes through the Shadow World. The origins of the boggle can be traced to a group of sidhe that fled The Cold Rider into Cerilia, and in their attempts to suppress the feelings of dispair and loneliness that losing their homeland beget, resorted to mischief and pranks.

Cave Fisher

When the contamination of Azrai first affected the Spirit World, the sidhe now known as darklings were the first to be affected by the cold touch of the remaining essense of the lord of shadows. After their betrayal of the Summer Queen, the darklings vowed to find a way to reverse the spread of the shadows that now covered much of the Spirit World, and to this day, many among their number travel the Shadow World to protect outsiders and a way to fight the darkness of The Cold Rider.

A darkling that proves itself as an exemplar of the ideals of its kind can undergo a rite of passage and become a Darkling Elder. Only a few are chosen for this honour.

Flail Snail

- Flind
- Flesh Gnawer
- Hunter
- Witherling
In what passes as gnoll society, flinds are stronger, tougher gnolls that are said to have the fell favour of Yeenoghu. On average, only 1 out of every 250 gnolls are flinds.

If a gnoll perishes in an area where the taint of the Shadow World is pronounced, then there is a chance (80-20%) depending on location, that the carcass will be animated with awnmebhaighl. The result is the dread creature known as the witherling. If a gnoll dies in the Shadow World, its remains will reanimate as a witherling, as per the will of The Cold Rider.


- Annis
- Bheur

A mythical creature, featured in legends of the Khinasi from across the Sea of Dragons. It is also whispered that in the realm of Haelyn, the greatest and most noble heroes are rewarded in the afterlife with a ki-rin steed.


- Inventor
- Scale Sorcerer
In kobold society, scale sorcerers are those that carry a minor bloodline that allows the use of magic.


When the taint of The Cold Rider spread across the Shadow World like oil on the surface of a lake, a number of unfortunate sidhe were corrupted by the rancour and the darkness washing over them like a wave breaking on the shore. These first fey were the forebears of the meenlocks, and in time, the Unseelie court embraced them.

These fell creatures were the among the first underwater servants of Azrai, and small numbers are found in the Krakennauricht, as well as around the shores of Djapar. These creatures eke out existences in small caves under the waves.

In goblin society, nilbogs are those goblins that have a bloodline of Vorynn and have managed to tap into its latent power.


The origin of these rancour infused fey is theorized by many sages to be from locations where the Shadow World presses against Cerilia, and redcaps are born from the acts of bloodlust and murder. Another theory is that these creatures were first born in the Spirit World when the Seelie and Unseelie courts first battled, and at the sight of the first skirmish, the ground came alive with these sidhe.

Shadow Mastiff (Fey)
On Cerilia, shadow mastiffs were formerly blink dogs corrupted by the shadows encroaching on the Spirit World, creating the fell creatures that roam the Shadow World, and in the realm of The Vampire, Shadow Mastiff packs have been reported with increased frequency. It is also rumored that The Raven has a pack loyal to him.

Wood Woad
Small numbers of these creatures have been reported in the Barrow Woods, and there have also been reports of these creatures in the Sielwode. Shy and secretive, it is theorized that these creatures fled the Spirit World in the face of the encroaching darkness, and reproduce by gathering plant material and earth, and performing a ritual on the Day of Rebirth

Yeth Hound
If the hound is exposed to natural sunlight, it is banished to the Shadow World. The creature has to then make its way back to Cerilia by way of a portal from the Shadow World.

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Very nice, fancy putting it up on the wiki?

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Thanks. I'll have another look at the guide tomorrow and see if there is anything else that I might have missed that could be made to fit Cerilia.