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Chaos Lord Arioch
01-24-2002, 06:46 AM
All Characters have a story. This is were they are told.

We had a bushi in our party named "Swede", he wore a girdle of fire giant strength and would simply pummel people to death.
I know, I know, a bushi named "Swede"? I was 14 for crying out loud!
By the way, we also had a NPC Samurai named "Jack".;)

Raesene Andu
01-24-2002, 07:05 AM
Probably the most memorable character from my games over the years was Rommel Toecutter, a dwarven assassin with a tendancy to survive encounters with the PCs. He must have appeared in about 30-40 adventures over the years, all starting with one encounter in the sewers beneath the major city of my original campaign world, where the players killed his brother. Even since that day, he has popped up from time to time to seek revenge for his brother's death, once spoiling one PC's wedding and another time burning down a castle the PCs had captured.
He even appeared briefly in my first BR campaign, trapped in a burning spelljammer ships as it plummeted towards the surface of Aebrynis. It remains to be seen if he survived or not.

As for most memorable BR characters, well lets just say that a few will be making appearances in the upcoming Book of Scions project, including Baruk One-Eye, leader of the Gorgon's orog legions, Gael Somellin, a thief from Aduria and many others. I'm still accepting NPCs for the book by the way, so far not one person has submitted a NPC for consideration. It isn't that hard, I'm doing at least 2-3 characters a day, along with running a pbem, working 9 hours a day, going swimming for an hour, and watching a few hours of TV! And I still find the time to get at least 7 hours sleep.

01-25-2002, 04:57 AM
Crom is probably one of my most memorable characters. He was a peculiar fellow indeed! He stood 5'2" and was completely bald with a thick reddish brown goatee. He wore a rounded poncho like robe that looked as if it were made of flames. He travelled barefoot or with sandals carrying only a quarterstaff (no other equipment... though he always managed to find what he needed at the time...). He was quite proud of the quarterstaff ( "See it has my name on it: Crom 'The Magnificent' -- That's me!" ). He was wizard with a dendency toward fire... in fact his ambition in life was to become a fire elemental (though he never came close). He was a little slow on the uptake and took everything literally. He had a strong tendency to miscast/misdirect spells and had a knack for getting out of trouble as quickly as he got in it. He was excellent comedy relief!

He was perhaps the strangest characters I've ever played (I'm generally a little more reserved) but everyone in my group remembers him 5 years later and his name still comes up occassionally.

Chaos Lord Arioch
01-25-2002, 05:24 AM
Crom the fire elemental. haha. That's good stuff.

I recall playing against the giants once with an Elven character named Solas Flaminius. We were at the part where you are entering a frost giant cave and there's a huge icy chasm. I drank a potion of flying we obtained in a previous adventure and lept of the ledge.......of course it was a potion of delusion. yeah, everybody laughed while I died :(
What fun. :)

Lord Eldred
02-10-2002, 06:46 PM
There have been many memorable characters over the years. My favorites that were not mine were two characters Whiplash and Theodin. Whiplash was a 7 foot tall human and Theodin was 3 foot tall dwarf that was dumb as a door nail. Theodin would run into trouble and Whiplash would do everything in his power to get him out of it. They were best friends and played very well.

Princess Emerald Greybear
03-14-2002, 08:33 PM
I was playing a Ranger when we came upon an animated talking box named Bob. I liked the box so I decided to keep it, but it kept telling me not to take it out of the room or I'd be sorry. When I got to the door, I thrust my arm out of the room and Bob exploded... Needless to say, I lost my 2 attacks per round and was in a coma for several days.

Arch-Sorcerer Gargamel
03-14-2002, 09:15 PM
On my DMs world that he created. My Kensai/Wizard(Artificer) who happened to be from very far away came to the current area of the campaign in an airship wreck. Never having seen an elf before, he was turned off from them because of the arrogance of one particular elf who investigated his crash. He has since gone on to save the local church from being usurped by evil forces (by rescuing the lord Patriarch), assist in a war effort through various inventions, and become knighted in the method of local style (european). His other (mis)adventures include getting knocked unconcious (twice) to save others (once by a berserker tasked genie, the other by a lizard-king with a powerful magic sword), rescuing a random woman that happened to be uncovering a conspiracy, befriending a pixie (now a student of his) who tried to pull pranks on him, and dueling an important minor villain in the campaign (and embarrasing him).

I am most proud of this character because he has never killed a human, demihuman, or man-sized humanoid (he has killed ogres and monsters though). He uses his Katana to discourage injustice and often strikes to subdue. He has won many battles by merely knocking people to the ground. He is more of an engineer than a wizard, but his wizardry supplements his swordsmanship very well.

Riegan Swordwraith
03-15-2002, 05:46 AM
I one time played a ranger who got stuck below ground for a very long time.....He found an orc skull and started talking to it.....before long it became Sir Orkskull........My DM hated me for that one....:)

03-15-2002, 05:50 AM
Was this before or after you watched ''Castaway''?


Riegan Swordwraith
03-15-2002, 03:42 PM
This was LOOOOOOOOOOONG before Cast Away....In fact when my friends went to go see it,they just started laughing when he started talking to Wilson...everyone in the theatre thought they were nuts!:)

Bronethan Amblecrown
03-15-2002, 08:19 PM
in the days of 2nd ed, i had created an elven cleric named Quarath (borrowed the concept from Dragonlance actually)... anyway, he was "Lawful Good" but kept trying to force his opinions upon everyone. He viewed the elves as being utterly superior and treated the other party members like manure, especially the humans. LOL. Let's just say his ego continually was boosted as he tended to be the only person to survive the first three adventures... "I'm sorry, but you're not worth me praying to *MY* god to heal you." :)

He actually made it to 15th level before the campaign ended... at least he learned his lesson after he "fell from grace" and went through quite a bit of strife with other elves. ("What do you mean that our village was killed by other *elves*?")

04-06-2002, 12:43 AM
Although this is a current ongoing PC character, I think he is worthy of being mentioned. His name is Drago, a Vos warrior, who in his last battle against a goblin raiding party, was fighting three of the brutes and after taking one out and not having been hit himself decided to whack himself in the head as hard as he could. Upon seeing this the other two goblins fled in terror while Drago stood and laughed. Luckily for him because he almost took himself out with his own blow. This is also the same guy who earlier in the campaign when the group had gotten into a fight over who was going to lead the party, stood in the thick of the fight and did nothing. It was decided before the fight that the last one standing would lead, needless to say since Drago wouldn't do anything he was knocked unconscious. He also has a habbit of not saying anything when he should, and saying something when he shouldn't, or saying something he shouldn't. All in all I can't wait for his further exploits.

Lord Valkyr
04-09-2002, 02:33 PM
I have 2 one is from my "Elven Ranger" Phase :)

Lorialas Orcsbane had the distinction of never missing a bowshot in the entire campaign. A very beefy wild elf from the DL world I had much fun with him as he was a strong and somewhat haughty elf. He travelled far & wide and had many adventures with his companions. He finally met his match from a beautiful she elf who shot his heart right out of him. they were to be married upon his return from Vingaard. When he returned the village was practically levelled by an attack from some blue dragonarmy troops. Elven rage flowing like liquid fire in his veins he tracked them day & night until he caught up with them in a cavern. He was unstoppable until he met the dragon. The dragon & I talked some smack for a few rds to see who had the bigger pair...& also to by time for the other PC's to find the captives & escape. When The blue heard this he was suitably pissed & I was "shocked" by his response :) He tried to get past me to pursue my friends but that blue didnt count on elven fury & the dragonslayer sword I was packin :) I didnt win but I hurt it enough that it had to leave. My friends came back to find a charred bunch of bones clutching the hilt of broken sword. They buried me outside that forsaken cavern under the roots of an oak in the light.
He fought with fury & pride and died for love & honor. Oh what happened to the elven maiden his lady love? Im glad you asked... Upon the recovery & subsequent burial she prayed before the Oak to never be separated from her love. Habbakuk granted her wish, she became the dryad to the tree that marked my resting place.

The other is a man named Delacroix....
He was the "wizard" in the last campaign I played in. A funny little man played by this goofy player named Matt I met him when my dark warrior Azrael saved him from some pirates. Delacroix immediately swore fealty to Azrael & I would deliberately place myself in harm to shield my mage. He tried desparately for 5 levels to learn fireball yet its intricacies were to far beyond his faculties. He was always a little odd speaking of grand powers & mastery of dark forces. Of which we had not seen these skills unless blundering is a dark skill. Somewhere along the lines he became a wanted criminal for unspeakable criminal acts & was hunted by men looking for a wizard with a ring of flying. finally after many dangers & escapes from men trying to kill him for this ring we found a ring of flying & gave it to Delacroix. Shortly there after he reached 9th level & mastered the focus needed to cast both fireball & light. bolt 2 spells that eluded him for many a day. Finally he had reached a place of respect for he had started out a stinking filthy wretch & now was a rich & powerful mage. This is when someone emptied their privy bucket on his head. he immediately flew up there & practically terrified the poor commoner to death. Delacroix was of immense comedy relief & eventually became a close friend to Azrael as I became a close friend with Matt. Although our DM has married & the world where Delacroix existed is now in limbo we still talk & laugh about what Delacroix did