View Full Version : Anyone knows of anuirean PBEM based on BRCS?

11-13-2005, 01:03 PM
Looking for the traditional style,set in anuire,and based on BRCS.......emphasis on adventure and character development.

11-13-2005, 07:36 PM
wish i could help you there. As said in my game post, since i haven't found player support for it i may be starting a birthright setting after the holidays(i think its suicide to start one before then). But i doubt i'll be taking Anuire on. Maybe Rjurik, Brecht or Vos(the latter two would require the proper books for me to find though). If you find one pass it on to me though, always up for joining a good develping game.

Rhiannon Faramiriel
12-01-2005, 06:39 PM

Check ebay for the "The Heartless Wastes" (Vos). That's where I purchased both of mine as well as our 2nd Book of Priest Craft. They may have other things you're looking for as well.

We've been running a BR campaign since the game was released. However, ours is not pure AD&D. We use two different gaming systems and when a need arises, for war, we pull out a 15mm gaming board and pull out the painted armies of the great lords or monster hosts instead of using war cards. 3d is some much cooler than a card. We use the same rules for the cards, just use miniatures with counters or injured or destroyed units.

Also being re-enactors, we've given the entire campaign a 13-14th century tech level instead of the broad mix that you get in most D&D settings.


We've recently started a PBEM based on our ongoing campaign. The primary focus is Anuire (the Primary player runs Diemed), but there are forays into other geographic locations (I have a player in Molochev who didn't automatically become the ruler, he is plotting his path to glory now and being quite sinister about, and friend who is running the Serpent in an assistant DM capacity to help move plotlines along, another player running Rhuramarch). Our focus is role playing and story. Our cerilia is very detailed, even the card board/black and white personalities of major NPCs are more fleshed out and more in line with historical royal families including great nobles and more than the single heir syndrome. And over 10 years of game time has passed and quite a bit has happened. ;)

There's plenty of room for adventure, even for rulers or those who just want to be swords/wands for hire.

We have even created a "Book of Trade" that expands the BR trade rules and much more.

If you're interested drop me a PM.


Rhiannon Faramiriel
12-05-2005, 02:37 AM

I couldn't send you the information, the PM function does not support the amount of info I was going to send. I sent you a PM.