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Espen A. Johnsen
11-30-1997, 12:00 AM
There has been som talk about this so I tought I'd throw something in =
the pot too.
Anyway, I think that when a blooded caracter dies, he looses his =
bloodline. The reasoning came after reading a=20
book ( "Rage of a Deamon King" by Raymond E. Fiest ) where a powerfull =
mage is about to become the dead God of Magic.=20
Anyway to get him to separate form the god they had to use enormus =
amounts of power and there by separated him from that=20
witch he was becoming. When he returned to the living the mage was =
pissed becose he had been taken from where he wanted to=20
be. Anyway I tought that would be somthing like what happens when a =
blooded caracter dies.=20
The essence of his bloodline makes him a part of the total witch is the =
GOD and so to get him back you have to=20
force him out from the total witch he whants to be a part of. The thing =
that is holding him back is his bloodline so to=20
get him back you have to seperate him from the god and there by his =
bloodline. This would also be against the scions will=20
so several negative modifiers may be applied to the rolls. The more =
powerfull PC that are raised might even remember=20
something for a short while and therefor avange himself opon the ones =
that have returened him/her. Also the god witch he=20
became a part of might feel the loss of him and punish the ones that =
took the PC/NPC away from him/her.
What do you out there think? Any comments.

Espen Andr=E9 Johnsen.
Norway =20