View Full Version : Yes, it may be a good idea, for the Lost, I know

11-30-1997, 12:00 AM
Yes, it may be a good idea, for the Lost, I know quite a lot of them, but
sure i'll not tell you cause your DM would be afraid of that.

For Azrai I only thought about such a thing: create a secret sect that has,
maybe, even a small kingdom somewhere hidden, this sect was founded by a man
who find some secret knowledge, maybe a wizard, or an elf, and he know that
with that Stone a God may be "recalled", but he must find a place where the
life energy of the god dispersed on the world is quite abboundant. So i
though of creating a parallel group of player, who are the most important
persons in that secret sect, who are maybe even regents of sth, this will go
around in their quest all the time PCs evolve the first part of the story,
that about reunite the empire. So sometimes they will cross the other group,
they will know about sth happened without explanation and so on, until they
will stop this parallel group of scion in their quest, or...
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